“Callum Smith only fought Canelo for money; I won’t make the same mistake, “says Billy Joe Saunders

Callum Smith solo peleó con Canelo por dinero; no cometeré el mismo error, asegura Billy Joe Saunders

From the point of view of Billy Joe Saunders, Callum smith made many mistakes in the fight against Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, the first of them long before getting into the ring.

According to the English fighter Smith He should never have accepted the fight with so little time to prepare to face the Mexican champion.

“I can give my opinion on the fight (between Callum Smith Y Canelo), but I can’t give a full opinion, because I’ve only seen scenes, I’ve only watched about two minutes, and I turned it off, “he said Billy joe Saunders to Gareth davies from DAZN for a segment of “Off The Cuff”. “I rate Callum smith like a fighter. But I think he went in there depending a lot on power and size, and that didn’t work for him. The fight plan was completely wrong, he fought completely wrong.

It should be remembered that in that fight, Canelo dominated all 12 rounds in the Alamodome from San antonio and earned his super middleweight title from the AMB.

“I can only think that they offered him a lot of money, and I think they probably put him in the same position that they wanted to put me. And he took the money route, “he said. Saunders. “In my opinion, I don’t think (Callum) was at its best ”.

Saunders learns from Callum Smith’s mistakes against Canelo

Billy joe made it clear that Smith He was not up to the task. This, because he lacked a lot of training time, something that will not happen to him.

“I am not taking anything away from Canelo, but when you box with someone like him, you need two months to understand everything that implies, “he explains. Saunders. “Because if you think that he took it only five weeks in advance, the first thing you are going to be thinking about is what you have to pack suitcases, that you are on the plane, that you have to attend to the press, that you are in the ring, the lights come on. Everything happens very fast and you do not know what is happening. That is not an adequate preparation ”.

In the same way, he emphasized that he stopped being carried away by all the money they offered him for the shovel.

“And I don’t care if they say that (Callum) was in the gym before, and was in shape. Mentally, that is, you know, you need that mental side of things to understand everything, not just be blinded by the money they put in front of you. Because I think that’s what happened to him. I think it was just for the money, rather than the fate of being the man to dethrone the Canelo. Smith he’s a good fighter, but definitely, I don’t think it was his night, “he concluded.

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