Canelo is doped with “very juicy Mexican meat” and uses illegal bandages, accuses Billy Joe Saunders father

Canelo se dopa con carne mexicana muy jugosa y utiliza vendajes ilegales, acusa padre de Billy Joe Saunders

The father of Billy Joe Saunders accused Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez of getting high on “very juicy Mexican meat” and of using illegal bandages to gain an advantage in fights.

Saunders and his team arrived in Las Vegas about a month ago, and Tom saunders He assures that he has spoken with people who have made such revelations about the Mexican fighter.

“In Las Vegas, I’ve talked to a lot of people,” he said. Tom saunders in interview for iFL TV. “We have been here for four and a half weeks. Many coaches, many fighters and expellers, have told me some of the tricks of the Canelo Team“.

Even if Tom saunders spoke in code, the accusations seem clear: he ensures that the Canelo uses prohibited substances to dope.

“We already know that he likes ‘Mexican meat’ and that he likes it juicy,” he says. Saunders. “And they normally stop using it three weeks before the fight. They consume it in small doses. To the (Canelo) He likes Mexican meat, very juicy ”.

These accusations come after in April 2018, the Canelo Alvarez was suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission for testing positive for an anti-doping test. The examination revealed the existence of the substance clenbuterol in his body. It is a substance that is used in Mexico for the fattening of cattle, and that usually remains in the meat of the animal even when it reaches its stage of human consumption.

The Canelo He assured that the substance reached his body through the consumption of contaminated meat, and other Mexican athletes have also tested positive for clenbuterol due to ingestion of meat.

But Tom saunders goes further, and accuses the Canelo of resorting to other traps such as illegal bandages on their hands.

“And another thing. I was talking to an English fighter and he told me about his bandages (from Canelo), I asked him to explain what he wanted to say to me ”, he explained Saunders. “He told me to check his bandages well, because in big fights he puts more bandage than allowed on his hands. He has his gloves made in such a way as to compensate for that excess bandage. He told me that he doesn’t do it in all fights. “

Therefore, the father of Billy Joe Saunders ask that a representative from your child’s corner be present in the dressing room of the Canelo when they sell their hands. And also, when they put the gloves on.

“I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I don’t take these things lightly,” he said. “On fight night I will have a member of the Billy joe be present in their locker room when they sell their hands to the Canelo, and they can do the same. And specifically check for excess bandage, and check gloves. They can do the same with Billy joe. There is no problem on our side ”.

Tom saunders warns that if they are not allowed to supervise this entire process, they will not step into the ring.

“Yes (Canelo) he bandages his hands before one of our team enters his locker room, we will not go into the ring until he takes off his gloves and we check it ”, he warned. “As simple as that”.

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