Comes back? UFC legend Frank Mir happy about his first boxing experience

Frank Mir.

After their fight boxing in view of Steve Cunningham, Frank Mir he analyzed his first steps in the ring. The legend of UFC could not get a victory, after the judges dictated a 60-54, 60-54, 58-56 for the opposite. In any case, he does not lose hope in what is coming and is already preparing for a possible new battle. Therefore, in these hours, he made clear what he thinks about it.

Starting, Mir He said, “Actually, I thought the fight was four rounds to two. I was 58-56 when I was walking around the corner and I thought, maybe one of the rounds I stole at the end because I landed that good shot at the end of the third, so I thought, ‘Maybe one of these followed my way and I got to a tie’. When they started announcing the 60-54 scores, I was like, come on guys. Look, I know this is boxing against MMA, but be fair.

Don’t lose touch! Frank Mir debuted with defeat in boxing and feels victorious

“It has been a great experience. Obviously my stocks have gone up more on this loss than most of my wins and I think it’s because people are grateful for the ride. They realized the battles that I have fought, what I have put into play, they could see how hard I had been working to go out and do this on a technical side, a nutrition side, a lifting side. So I think it’s a good trend, “he stressed.

Felt comfortable

What’s more, Frank He explained, “A lot happened that night that were bad examples for our children and I think people can at least appreciate that going out and being a warrior, regardless of the outcome, is something that we can admire in our culture. I’m very proud to represent that and help guide other people. Those are things that are under our control and I think that takes the stress out of people to go out there and perform at their best and let the chips fall where they can.

“I understand that it was also a concert, and there were certain elements in the concert that would make parents of 11-15 year olds uncomfortable. I’ve never felt uncomfortable taking my kids to a fight and my kids go to concerts all the time. But the atmosphere and the kind of behavior of the hosts, the atmosphere that would have been created if it had been a sold-out stadium, I don’t think I feel comfortable having my children there, “he closed Frank Mir.

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