Is Andy Ruiz ready for Deontay Wilder? Eddy Reynoso analyzes what needs to be improved for that fight

¿Está listo Andy Ruiz para Deontay Wilder? Eddy Reynoso analiza lo que hay que mejorar para esa pelea Wilder y Andy Ruíz

Eddy reynoso analyzed what Andy ruiz has to work in the gym to seek the fight against Deontay Wilder, after beating Chris arreola last Saturday.

“(Against Wilder) It is a complicated fight, a dangerous fight, you have to be working, you have to work hard, correct mistakes, “he said. Reynoso in an interview with Fight Hub about a potential fight with Andy ruiz. “In the end, the fights have to happen on their own. We are going to work hard, work better on defense and that is a good fight ”.

Andy came from behind to defeat Arreola, after he was hit by a right cross in the second round that sent him to the canvas.

However, the former heavyweight champion won by cards of 118-109, 118-109 and 117-110 in his first fight, after falling against Anthony Joshua in December 2019.

Eddy reynoso think that in about four months, Andy ruiz I could fight again.

“He has to rest for 15 days and then go back to the gym, be learning,” he considered. Reynoso. “We have to do a lot of combat school, a lot of boxing school. I think that in about four months (he can return), he has not been hurt, he has to be constantly fighting so that he does not rust ”.

Wilder, who has not fought since February 2020, when he fell to Tyson fury, has shown some videos of his return to training, after he was away and accused his team of conspiring against him to lose.

“It made me happy, whenever you win a fight, you have to celebrate, but you also have to correct many mistakes that were made, but how good it is to win fights, not only when you win things are done well,” he said. Eddy reynoso. “We did some things, but we still have to work a lot, it is the first fight with me. But I have the confidence, because he did things that he was not doing before. I’m happy for him, because when they knocked him down he got up to win the fight ”.

Eddy reynoso did not see hurt Andy ruiz, when Chris arreola he dropped him in the second round.

“No, I saw it when they threw it, and I saw that it got up well,” he explained. Reynoso. “Then they touched him again, and they did hurt him there. But after the fourth round or so, he started to settle into the fight and worked it quite well. They did not hit him. We won comfortably, at the beginning it was difficult, but he won at the end ”.

The coach listed the deficiencies he saw in Andy ruiz and that you will work with him in the gym.

“You have to improve the defense a lot,” he explained. Reynoso. “He lowers his hand a lot, and they put his rights in him. Sometimes it opens, and they hit him back, that’s how they knocked him down. So, you have to check some mistakes that were made, we are going to work a lot on that. And we are going to review things that he did well ”.

Andy Ruiz won well, despite Arreola’s annoyance

At the end of the fight, Chris arreola He showed his disgust for the judges’ cards considering that they should have given him more rounds. About, Eddy reynoso He said.

“Maybe it was a close fight, but he did lose,” he admitted. Reynoso. “For my taste this Arreola He only won about three rounds, at most four, if I go too far ”.

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