Pochettino, prepared “to suffer” and ready to “take risks” against Manchester City

Pochettino, prepared "to suffer" and ready to "take risks" against Manchester City

The coach of Paris Saint-Germain, Mauricio Pochettino, that his team is “prepared to suffer” in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League semifinals, after losing in the first leg against Manchester City, while ensuring that they have options to traced.

The Argentine coach did not reveal if striker Kylian Mbappé will be ready to play, after the contracture he suffered in the first leg. “We have to wait to evaluate Kylian’s situation, he will train only this afternoon to see if he can train at the end with the group. We have one day left to make the decision,” he said about the world champion.

Pochettino indicated that they will continue to bet on the game system that he introduced since joining the team last December, because “it is the one that gives the players confidence”, although he acknowledged that against City it will be difficult to have the ball.

“They have been with that philosophy of the game for five years now and we know that we will have phases in which we will have to suffer. We seek more balance between the transition and keeping the ball. But when we have it, we will have to be aggressive and take advantage of the opportunities.” , he indicated.

Pochettino acknowledged that the result of the first leg forces them to “take some risks”, but indicated that their challenge is “to be prepared to adapt to different circumstances” because the rival “is very intelligent and knows how to adopt different styles.”

Whatever happens, the Argentine coach pointed out that PSG has been raising the level and that it has been knocking on the doors of the Champions League for years, of which it reached the final last year.

“It is a great challenge to be in the final, together with the World Cup it is the most important tournament, it is something incredible, what we seek is to be at this level. Our goal is to win the Champions League and for that we have to be up. that we have gone far, “he said.

“Tomorrow we hope to play a great game and reach the final that opens the door to the title for us. It is what all the players have in mind now,” he added.

Pochettino relativized the psychological advantage that his players already know what it is to play a final, while City has not yet reached that stage.

“If we play better than them I suppose we will pass, if not, we will be eliminated. We have to be stronger mentally and footballingly,” he said.

Like his colleague Pep Guardiola, Pochettino said he will face the duel “calmly”, knowing that reaching the semifinals is already something very complicated that few clubs can afford. “You have to stay calm, play well and try to be better, it’s the only way to win,” he said.

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