Saunders Father Reveals Ring Size Dispute For Fight With Canelo; threatens not to fight

Padre de Saunders revela disputa por tamaño del ring para pelea con Canelo; amenaza con no pelear

The father of Billy Joe Saunders reveals that at the moment there is a dispute about the size of the ring for the fight between Saunders Y Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez next Saturday, and if they don’t solve it, your son won’t go up to fight.

Matchroom (promoter of the fight) wanted us to fight in an 18-foot ring, “he explained. Tom saunders in interview for iFL TV. “Then they came back with a proposal for a 20-foot ring. The fight was supposed to be in a 24 foot ring, but we relented and said we were not going to fight in a ring below 22 feet. “

Tom saunders informed that the company that MTK, the company that represents Billy Joe Saunders is trying to resolve the ring size issue with Matchroom and the team of Canelo.

MTK you’re seeing that, and I hope it gets resolved, but the fact that Matchroom wants to Billy joe box in an 18-foot ring, it’s a ring for amateur boxing, “he said. Saunders. “Fighting in an 18 to 20 foot ring is taking an advantage away from Billy joe, and I tell you, we have not had any advantage. We are against everything ”.

The father of Billy joe express that Eddie hearn, promoter of Matchroom, a company that promotes Saunders, and which also co-promotes the Canelo, is playing against his own fighter.

Eddie hearn is the promoter of Billy Joe Saunders, and he did what he said he was going to do which was get him the fight with him Canelo, but at what cost? ” Tom saunders. “(Hearn) is not working with us, but is working against us in each of the opportunities. He knows what to do to fight Billy joe against him Canelo in an 18 to 20 foot ring it’s ridiculous. “

Tom saunders He warned that if the fight is not in a 22-foot ring, they don’t fight.

“The ring has to be 22 feet and no less,” he said. Saunders. “MTK you’re seeing this from the size of the ring. I want the fight to happen Billy joe she wants me to fight her, but we are not going to give in on this ”.

The father of Billy Joe Saunders trust that your child will give the big surprise because he believes that the Canelo he has lost his humility.

“Honestly, the Canelo he is going to have the biggest surprise of his life, “he said. “In recent years, at Canelo you have forgotten where it comes from. He flies everywhere in his private jet, and you’ve already forgotten where he came from. On two occasions when he should have lost, the judges gave him the win. At the end of the day, we are not your employees to say yes to everything. Y Canelo he is going to have the surprise of his life ”.

Tom saunders says they want to fight in a big ring, because his son’s plan is to go boxing at Canelo, and that is the main virtue of Billy joe. Fighting in a small ring would limit the mobility of Billy joe and it would make things easier for him Canelo.

“To this man (Canelo) he is beaten with skill, “he said Tom saunders. “He is like the bull and the bullfighter, and the bullfighter must think better than the bull to avoid him. And that’s what will happen. Therefore, we are not going to accept an 18 or 20 foot ring, who does he think he is? Eddie hearn Y Matchroom? They are trying to throw the British fighters into the river. If you want the fight to take place, you resolve the issue of the ring with MTK. Billy joe it’s going to be what he does best, which is boxing. And he’s in the best shape of his life. His speed is there, his timing is there ”.

Tom saunders ensures that the issue has to be resolved in the next hour or the fight may be canceled.

“It has to be resolved as soon as possible,” he said. “We won’t let it be resolved until two or three days before the fight. It has to be resolved today. We are professionals. We are going to solve it because we are serious people ”.

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