The ideal XV of the 10th date 10 of the American Rugby Super League

The ideal XV of the 10th date 10 of the American Rugby Super League

After the 10th round of the American Rugby Super League the official account of the tournament chose the team of the date which stands out for having six players from Jaguars XV and five from Cobras XV


The pillars were just that, pillars, but of the triumphs of their teams. Caique Silva (COB) He had a very good scrum, but above all, a lot of participation in the game with and without the ball. He forced Selknam’s defenders a lot, who two or three had to stop him at each start and, tackling, he was very efficient. Lucas Favre (OLI) It was a decisive piece in what was an overwhelming scrum against Cafeteros Pro and by the way, the engine of a pack that made many differences over its rival, especially in the first half.

Martín Vaca (JAG) is the hooker of the date. He came in and not only made a try, but his participation around the ball and the supremacy of his carries highlighted him in a match that was resolved in the last twenty.

In the second line It is perhaps where there were least doubts when selecting. The performance of Cléber Dias (COB) It was flawless from start to finish. One of the highest values ​​if not the most of Cobras Brasil XV. Of course, what was done by Franco Molina (JAG) Throughout the eighty minutes – and the tournament – he was excellent. Everywhere, in attack and defense … fundamental piece.

The third lineAdrio Luiz (COB) He entered the starting lineup at the last minute due to Manuel Bernstein’s injury in the warm-up and had a more than prominent role not only in the first half when he carried the ball several times and won many meters, but especially in the second when Selknam attacked further and emerged dominating. There all his fighting spirit emerged. What of Francisco Gorrissen (JAG) leaves little room for doubt. Transcendental player in the backbone of Jaguares, he stands out for his dynamics and omnipresence, in addition to managing the team line with the utmost fairness. Nacho Gandini (OLI) Again, from minute 1 of the game he made it clear again that in the eighth position he is fully adapted and that his performances are always on the rise.

The media couple he left no doubts about it. So much Felipe Ezcurra (JAG) as Tomás Albornoz (JAG) they were several steps above the rest of the media of the date. And Albornoz, in addition, made, undid, played, played him … everything was fine for the Tucumán opening. Therefore, he is the MVP of the date.

In the center court, what to say… Moisés Duque (COB) He was somewhat erratic to the sticks at the beginning of the game, but he more than amended that start with a great drop and of course, the penalty that gave his team victory in the final moment. Tomás Cubilla (JAG) He was absolutely unstoppable for Peñarol’s defense and impassable in his defensive role. Very high point in Jaguares.

In the tips, as well as started with the first try of the tournament, in this last match of the regular phase Juan González (OLI) scored again. In addition, he played and created a lot of danger every time he came into contact with the ball. On the other side (actually, the same but it’s a license) Daniel Lima Maranhao (COB) He was again and for the third consecutive time, a fundamental figure of his team. Bankruptcies, search for spaces, always alert, it was a nightmare for the defense and also, in defense, he delivered.

What fullback, which is its natural position, Francisco Diez (OLI) Not only did he comply strictly, but he also made a great try. That is why it is in this ideal team of the date 10, the one that closes the regular phase of the SLAR.

Source: SLAR

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