Was it all a lie? Randa Markos assures that Luana Pinheiro acted to disqualify her

Randa Markos.

In the UFC Vegas 25, Randa Markos she delivered an illegal kick and ended up being disqualified. Luana pinheiro received a severe blow to the head, when he had three points of contact on canvas. Considering it was the last fight of the Canadian’s contract, he might not be returning to Dana White’s company. In any case, many believe that the Brazilian acted to stay with the victory.

“Hey, I think we’re seeing a little bit of, what’s it called, acting,” was what Paul Felder mentioned in the fight broadcast, making it clear that they didn’t trust what had happened. Clearly this was also reflected in social networks, after thousands of users were unhappy about what happened and the alleged falsehood of Luana pinheiro in the cage.

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Starting with your words, Markos he dictated the following in this regard: “I have been in the fighting game for a while. I have never intentionally thrown an illegal punch. It’s a fight, shit is bound to happen. I did three punctures in my eyes (requiring stitches and loss of vision) and didn’t think for a second that I wasn’t going to continue.

She was furious

“I had such a great camp training with @travislutter, @cdpowertrain and @ adams.justin1 in Texas. I was ready to show my skills for the biggest fight promotion in the world. Yes, my foot brushed against her, but my opponents’ inability to continue seemed a bit oversold and suspicious. I let her know after they pricked my eye that I would not get out of that cage without a victory and she stole it from me, “he added.

I’m excited for whatever comes next. I have a heart tone that must be let out. Thanks to everyone who helped me with this camp. I love you all and will be back soon #ufc #quietstorm #mma #easywayout #littlebitch », closed Randa Markos, who was clearly not happy about what happened. His annoyance was seen from the first moment of the unfortunate play.

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