After the viral knockout suffered, Dominick Reyes left a forceful message on Instagram

Dominick Reyes.

In what was the stellar of the night, Jiri prochazka shockingly knocked out Dominick reyes. Saturday night at the UFC Vegas 25, the Czech destroyed the American’s illusions with a rotating elbow, which hit his rival’s face squarely. Similar to what happened to Jan Blachowicz, the former title contender ended up slumped on the Apex canvas and with dead hopes.

Starting with his words, Kings He stressed: “Finally home and surrounded by my loved ones, I would like to say that I went out and fought with all my heart. I laid it all out and am glad it was entertaining for most of you. I am happy and upset as you can imagine that I did not get the desired result. But I went out and fought and that is why I can say that I am proud.

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«I love this game and sometimes he doesn’t love me, but that’s what we’ve all signed up for. I want to say that I am recovering well and that I will be fine. And congratulations to Prochazka! Hell of a fight and what a nudge! It’s the ones you don’t see coming who catch you. God bless you all and I will see you in the next one », also explained the American, who will not give up and will go for more in UFC.

Prior anxiety

Also, before the fight, Dominick He said: “It is such a toxic environment. It’s so toxic, and I realized that, but I was reading all the comments and getting involved and replying to people and replying to the trolls who were messaging me. Dude, that’s not so good. That’s very bad for your mental health, especially in a sport like this where mental health is 80 percent of the battle.

“If you’re not mentally there, if you’re not 100 percent ready to go, then man, you’re facing a very uphill battle, and that’s what I dealt with in the last fight, and I’m very much on top of everything. Is now. It was as if a veil had been removed and I could see the other side as it really is. I take everything for what it is now, and I enjoy the little moments. They are the small things, “he said. Dominick reyes.

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