Are you going for the champion? Valentina Shevchenko does not shy away from the trilogy with Amanda Nunes

Valentina Shevchenko.

After his defense in the UFC 261, Valentina shevchenko he spoke with the press and left great news. The champion, who defeated Jessica Andrade by technical knockout, is looking for another queen for her next battle. According to what she herself said, although she does not want to rush things, she understands that there will be a trilogy with Amanda nunes soon. It should be noted that she lost the first two, although many believe that she beat the Brazilian once.

Being that way, Shevchenko He summed up: “I feel like it’s going to happen. Without putting all this pressure on someone, Ok, let’s do it now. It’s like everything is fine at a good time. That’s why it’s going to happen, I know for sure. Probably when the time is perfect for this fight. It will happen. It’s like I can’t force someone like OK, let’s fight me.

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«If somebody doesn’t want to fight, to have this fight, nobody can force anybody. Why I feel like I’m not rushing or doing a lot of these things, I just feel like our own weight divisions, it will just be a fight that makes sense. I really do not care. I only worry about defending my title and I do things to happen without additional energy, “he stressed.

Wants to make history

What’s more, Valentina He commented: “Because, as I always say, if we continue with success in what I do with my heart and all the sincere motivations and everything I have to do to lead my life in martial arts. This is really for me, it is the important thing. I don’t believe too much in pound-for-pound rankings because at a time when Zhang Weili was in front of me, he is already proving that it doesn’t make any sense. I’m easy on that list.

“It is very difficult to answer this question because I have to go there with 10, 11 title defenses and feel what I am going to feel there. It is very difficult to know what I am going to feel in the future without knowing what you are really going to feel. It’s like guessing, okay, maybe that, maybe that, but no one can know for sure. No one can know for sure what will happen in the future, “he concluded. Valentina shevchenko.

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