Defense and Justice vs. Palmeiras – Pre-Match – May 4, 2021

Defense and Justice vs.  Palmeiras - Pre-Match - May 4, 2021

Defense and Justice receives the Brazilian Palmeiras on Tuesday in the third day of the group stage of the Copa Libertadores, which will also mean the reissue of the last Cup Winners’ Cup final, which the “Halcón de Varela” won in the penalty shootout.

The Cup Winners’ Cup final, which was played in two games in mid-April, was one of the historic moments for the Argentine team, a humble club that earned international respect thanks to its victories in this tournament and in the Copa Sudamericana del last year.

The Brazilian team will seek a victory that allows them to maintain their perfect score (two games won in two days) and establish themselves as the leader of group A, while the Argentines arrive with 2 points less to the appointment (a victory and a draw) and if win they will rise to the first position.

Defense and Justice will have the difficulty of having a staff greatly diminished by the coronavirus pandemic, with a long list of casualties, which in recent days were joined by Rodolfo Rotondi, Nicolás González, Braian Romero, Fernando Meza and Franco Paredes.

Coach Sebastián Beccacece stressed the difficulty of preparing for the clash with this situation.

“I can’t plan the game against Palmeiras because I still don’t know who I can count on. Rotondi is still isolated in the hotel, luckily no longer symptoms, waiting to be discharged and to be able to do all the rigorous tests. This has already happened to him. other teams, and we are caught in a defining situation, where they are playing for important things and suddenly we have to train sometimes with 13 or 14 players, “he said.

He also highlighted the work of the club when carrying out the relevant controls.

“We have 16 infected in 5 days. We must be one of the clubs that do the most swabs. It is to recognize the efforts of the leaders and the doctor, we swab every other day with rapid tests, with PRC, with the personal care that we have here. We are doing everything possible to avoid what we cannot avoid, in some way, “he added.


Defense and Justice: Luis Unsain, Emanuel Britez, Néstor Breitenbruch, Juan Rodríguez, Adonis Frias, Nahuel Gallardo, Ciro Rius, Valentín Larralde, Nicolás Tripicchio, Tomás Ortiz and Walter Bou.Trainer: Sebastian Beccacece.

Palmeiras: Jaílson, García, Henri, Da Silva, Viña, Gustavo Scarpa, De Freitas, Bicalho, Gabriel Menino, Da Silva and Papagaio Trainer: Abel Ferreira.

Referee: The Colombian Wilmar Roldán.

Stadium: Norberto Tomaghello, from the province of Buenos Aires.

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