He did not shut up: TJ Brown spoke after the controversial victory against Kai Kamaka

TJ Brown.

In the past UFC Vegas 25, TJ Brown defeated by decision Kai kamaka and caused some controversy for it. After the words of the losing team, in these hours, the winner was not silent and went to the crossroads to defend his victory. Understanding that the judges were right to give the points in his favor, he responded to those who criticized him after a somewhat divided ruling.

In that way Brown he acknowledged: ‘I was in the air. One thing I knew for sure is that I fought with all my heart. I always knew I have that dog in my back pocket, but I didn’t know I would have to bring it up in this fight. I did it and that’s what gave me victory. I know I won that fight, I don’t understand why they say otherwise. I think what I achieved was proven.

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I am dangerous everywhere. No matter. I can finish the fight anywhere. I am a threat anywhere in the Octagon. I knew it was a dog. I expected every part of this fight from him. I have nothing but respect for him. For me, it is a dream come true. It has been in the works for 10 years. I fought and made my way from below, from a small town in Arkansas, just to be here, ”he also expressed.

In addition, TJ He explained: “I am proud to bring a ‘W’ to my home state. I knew I had the dog inside of me. I’m ready to start pulling off some sharper wins, tougher fights. You will see it in the future. I love to train and compete. What I love more than that is my son at home. I’m ready to go home, give him a big hug and celebrate the victory with him.

The anger

With this in mind, Brian Butler, Kai Kamaka’s manager, had this to say about this weekend’s loss: “Tomorrow we will file an appeal for the blatantly horrible decision against Kai kamaka. I do not think I have seen a media outlet that gave that fight to TJ And from what I understand, even TJ and his team say they didn’t win. “

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