How painful! The terrible moment Chris Weidman goes through due to his broken leg

Chris Weidman.

Without a doubt, Chris Weidman was left with the injury of the decade in the UFC 261, so it goes through difficult days. In these hours, the medical suspensions of said event were announced, where the North American will be out of the Octagon for more than six months. Taking into account his broken right leg, he left a message on social networks, explaining how badly he is currently going.

Thus, Weidman He said, ‘I thought this would have been kind of like other surgeries I’ve had in the past where the first three or four days suck and then it just gets better from there, but to be honest with you, the first three or four days were probably the best I’ve ever had. Maybe the anesthesia was still on me and the inflammation may have been helping with some of the pain because it was super painful.

How much time is Chris Weidman lost? UFC 261 medical suspensions released

I’m literally sleeping all day. I was really trying not to take the oxycodone, I was just taking Tylenol and ibuprofen and then at certain times of the day I could have taken an oxycodone if I really needed it. The pain when getting up to go to the bathroom or something like that is so intense. When I have to go to the bathroom, it takes so much willpower and mental preparation to get up. It’s definitely brutal, ”he added.

A very complicated situation

At the same time, Chris He recounted: “I was pretty scared by this pain because I’m thinking worst-case scenarios. The worst case scenario is that the blood supply does not return to my bone and I do not drink, which would mean a possible amputation. That happened to my thumb after fighting Kelvin Gastelum. I had surgery on a ligament that was torn after a left hook was thrown and then, about eight weeks after the surgery, they realized that the blood supply to that bone was not returning.

“So they had to take out all the bone and put the hip bone in there because the bone was deteriorating and dying. So if that happened to my shin, my tibia, or my fibula, I don’t know what would happen. Amputation, prosthetic leg, all that. So that scares me and I’m praying and I’m sure it’s not going to happen, but that’s a possibility, “he closed Chris Weidman.

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