“I’m lucky to be alive”: a Moto3 rider suffered a tremendous cut to his neck after an accident

Deniz Oncu

The Spanish Grand Prix had tremendous accidents throughout the weekend. All three categories had strong criticism of the safety measures taken to prevent accidents. However, in Moto3, the smallest of the divisions, different pilots had their incidents. One of them was the Turk Deniz Oncu, who assured that he risked his life: «I am lucky to be alive«.

The Moto3 race at the circuit Sherry it was sheer chaos. As soon as he started, the Argentine rider Gabriel Rodrigo had a chilling accident while he was leading the race. The Argentine, born in Barcelona, ​​flew through the air after a bad movement in one of the fastest corners. Fortunately, there were no serious consequences for ‘Gabri’.

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On the other hand, the end of the race seemed to be very close. Pedro Acosta, who had started in 13th place, staged an epic comeback, which left him in first place. However, he was very tenaciously enduring the attacks of Jaume Masiá, Denis Oncu and Darryn binder, who expected a mistake from the young Spanish driver.

Oncu came in third place, attacking Masiá, who went long at the last corner of the Spanish circuit. The Turk wanted to take advantage of Masiá’s mistake, but everything ended in disaster. When turning in the last part of the track, Oncu crashed, taking Masiá and Darryn Binder ahead, who was coming a little further behind. The three pilots ended up on the ground, but the worst part was taken by Oncu.


In the first instance, nothing seemed to have happened, other than the falls. However, on his Instagram account, Deniz Oncu posted a chilling photo. Darryn Binder’s brake disc caused a dangerous cut on his neck. “Honestly, I am lucky to be alive. When Darryn Binder passed over my head, his front disc cut my neck. It could have been worse, ”he wrote.

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