Marcelo Gallardo: “In River the errors and virtues are noticed”

Marcelo Gallardo: "In River the errors and virtues are noticed"

The River Plate coach, Marcelo Gallardo, spoke at a press conference, where he was confident about the physical condition of his players and referred to the reason why Federico Girotti does not play as much as a starter, the level of Enzo Pérez and the Bruno Zuculini’s situation.

El Millonario will not play his match against Independiente Santa Fe due to the wave of protests that are taking place throughout Colombia, so El Millonario will fully engage in the match against Aldosivi next weekend.

Some of the phrases left by Marcelo Gallardo’s conference:

– “I do not feel a physical loss of the team. They mentioned it a lot. The wear thing too, but I don’t think so. We played 5 games in 16 days. If I get carried away by the ST against Banfield, we can put everything in the bag that we did not have physical answers, but I do not get carried away by that. In those 5 games we almost repeated the team and I consider that physically they behaved well and in terms of football we were superior to the rival ”.

– “In the local tournament it would be a disappointment not to qualify but then we have to play and within the chances if we win we can get into the final stage.”

– “Matías Suárez is a very important player, I am not going to discover him. There are no equal players due to characteristics because he gave us many attack possibilities. He has not played for a month and the ideal is that we can recover him for this coming. Now he begins to train progressively and if he completes the training sessions we will see if he can be with the group by Thursday “.

– “The key is attention and concentration, it is not a system change. Our systems have been the same. It has been known for a long time how we play. We can play with 4 or 3 defenders, but the essence has not changed.”

– “At 17 I made my debut in the First Division, at 18 I was in the National Team. Then the blows come, and at that age you don’t know how to receive them. That is why the players must be accompanied, so that they develop in the most natural way possible. “.

– “The reinforcements need a logical adaptation process that generates coming from a different place. Some have the possibility, I see that they have the chance to add more minutes and others are at a disadvantage. This is a different idea than what they were used to, another exposure and methodology. Those who have been working with me already have it. But this is constantly changing “.

– “I do not consider that Enzo Pérez needs a company. Put another brand flyer? Enzo has been doing quite well and feels better being alone than accompanied in that aspect.”

– “I don’t have to clarify why a player (Bruno Zuculini) plays less or more. It is my job based on what I observe. I have to prepare the best team to compete. Players have the possibility to show daily to be alternative. Then I decide who plays and who doesn’t. “

– Federico (Girotti) still has time to learn. What happens is that many times from the outside they have a lot of anxiety. He is a boy with a great future, but like any boy, you don’t have to give him all that responsibility to assume a role. You have to be calm. “

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