Scott Robertson acknowledged that it was he who took an interest in Matera for Crusaders

Scott Robertson acknowledged that it was he who took an interest in Matera for Crusaders

The news caught the attention of all the world’s media, when last week it was made public that Crusaders, the champion team of Super Rugby Aotearoa, would add Los Pumas captain Pablo Matera to its ranks. But greater pride for Argentines generates knowing that it was the coach himself, Scott Robertson, who became interested in the third line.

This was told in an interview with a New Zealand medium, where he highlighted his enthusiasm for the Argentine style that Pablo Matera will bring to his team. Robertson confirmed that he was the one who had contacted the Matera agent to reach the one-year agreement and subsequently attracting a loud and proud Argentine fan base.

The Crusaders coach said that had a conversation with Matera’s agent in London about which Argentinian you would love to have on your side if you had the chance.

“I said ‘look, I would stay with Pablo without a doubt, what a player‘. He just texted me ‘would you still be willing to take Pablo?’ It was definitely a yes. “

Robertson said the timing was “perfect” for Matera to join the team, with a pair of no-contract forwards at the end of the season.

Matera became a hero in Argentina last year after he captained Los Pumas in their first win over the All Blacks in Sydney, but his reputation was tarnished months later after the “xenophobic and racist” comments he made resurfaced. 2011 from his social media account.

As a result, Matera was stripped of the captaincy of the Pumas and Robertson said he had discussed what the expectations were for Matera as part of the Crusaders family.

“We clearly met expectations. What happened, took over and realized he has to be better as a man and it shows the person who it is that he took over. “

Getting the rowdy Argentine fan base to come together was another positive point, “said Robertson with a smile.

“Imagine the fans ‘Ole! Ole!’ They will be dancing, even When the Jaguares came and played us in that final, the atmosphere was the best we had had in our stadium. It is going to be exciting. I think some Latino and Argentine fans will join the Crusaders. “

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