Terrible! After beating him, Clay Collard could cross again with Anthony Pettis in PFL

Clay Collard.

Clay Collard was in charge of liquidating Anthony Pettis in an epic battle, although they might see each other again soon. The former UFC champion has not been totally left out and, despite his loss, he could enter the playoffs that are approaching. In this way, the revenge between the two would not be long in coming. Taking that into account, the one who was victorious is excited about destroying it again in PFL.

Starting with his sayings, Collard He mentioned, “Beating him once is great. Beating him twice would be even better. I’m really not too worried about it. I’m not really thinking that far. If I meet him again, great. If not, there are other opponents. Right now, I’m just focused on the next fight and winning the next one, and I hope he scores a few more points in the tournament.

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“Right when the first round started, we had a little exchange and he grabbed me, and I felt more powerful than him. At the time, I was like, ‘Okay. I’m good. We got this. ‘ Really from the beginning when he grabbed me, and I just, like, I pushed him and said, ‘Okay. It’s okay. We have this, ‘”he said, making clear what happened a few days ago.

What’s more, Clay He also said, “So luckily I caught most of the kick to my arm. I took the blunt force of it, most of it in my arm. If I didn’t raise my hand and block most of it, who knows if I would have gotten up or not. Then his knee, he grabbed me with more of his thigh. It wasn’t exactly the knee. So sometimes, I guess it’s good to be lucky.

The Pettis Illusion

In the previous one, Anthony Pettis he had said, ‘I love it. That’s my nickname ‘Showtime’ for a reason. When the lights come on, I step into character. Putting all that pressure on myself, I’m walking away from it. Letting my coaches scout all these guys because if I go in there and try to scout ten guys right now, I’m going to go crazy at night.

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