“The fight fell apart”: Saunders’ father says fight with Canelo is canceled due to ring size

Según padre de Saunders, se cancela pelea con Canelo por disputa sobre tamaño del ring

Tom saunders, father of Billy Joe Saunders, ensures that the unifying fight with Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, scheduled for this Saturday is canceled, because they have not been able to reach an agreement on the size of the ring.

“The fight (between Canelo Y Saunders) fell off, it is canceled. Negotiations were totally broken, ”he said. Tom saunders this tuesday to iFL TV. “Basically, they told us to buy the plane tickets back with our own money. What (the team of the Canelo) is trying to do is remove the legs from Billy joe. We are against everything here. At the end of the day I’m not going to let my son fight in a 20-foot ring who is supposed to be the pound-for-pound king of boxing. “

Tom saunders ensures that the negotiations have been frozen.

“We spoke to them this morning (Tuesday), and they told us that either the fight was in a 20-foot ring, or that we would buy tickets to go home,” he said. Saunders. “We apologize to all the fans.”

The team of Saunders is looking for the fight to take place in a ring of more than 22 feet, while the team of the Canelo, according Tom saunders, look for it to be in one of 18 or 20 feet.

The rules of the three bodies that sanction the fight state that the ring for world championship fights must measure between 18 and 24 feet, but that the exact size must be negotiated by both fighters in the contract.

“I don’t see them facing each other,” he says. Tom saunders. “The issue of the size of the ring has not been resolved. There is nothing in the contract about the size of the ring, and it all depended on negotiations. Canelo put in an 18 foot ring, which is an amateur ring. We said no, and then he gave in to a 20-foot ring. “

Even the father of Tom saunders ensures that in the team of Canelo you already have the replacement fighter who would take the place of your son Billy joe. And so, Saunders He sends a message to the fans.

“If you bought tickets, ask for the money back,” he said. Tom saunders. “Because all they’ll see is a bum facing the Canelo. I don’t think heCanelo) want to fight with Billy joe. He just wants something safe. Y Billy joe it is not a sure thing ”.

Tom saunders ensures that your child no longer wants to fight.

“(Billy joe) wants to go home, ”he said Tom saunders. “We are not going to take this shit anymore. Someone said no (to the team of the Canelo). These people are used to fighters coming just for a check and saying yes to everything, but we won’t do that. “

The father of Saunders does not see a close solution.

“I do not see that things are going to change,” he emphasized. “It depends on the corner of the Canelo. All we have asked from day one is a fair chance. We do not come to lose. Canelo he is a loser. We do not”.

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