The size of the ring and what the rules of the bodies involved in Canelo vs Saunders say

El tamaño del ring y lo que dicen las reglas de los organismos involucrados en Canelo vs Saunders

The dispute over the size of the ring for the unification bout between Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez Y Billy Joe Saunders It has put the fight in danger, but who is right according to the rules?

The English champion has threatened not to fight if he is forced into a ring smaller than 22 feet. He assures that they want to put an 18 foot ring on him, while he wants a 22 or 24 foot deck.

That is, the difference in criteria between the two fighters ranges from 18 to 24 feet, and the reality is that both are within the law with their demands.

The fight will be in Texas, and the world championship titles of the AMB, CMB Y OMB. That is, there are four organizations that participate and set the rules for the fight.

What does the WBC say?

The CMB, in your document Rules for Championship Fights establishes, in its article 11, the conditions that the ring must meet.

“The boxing ring must be equipped with an approved safety surface, and must measure not less than 18 feet (5.5 meters) and not more than 24 feet (7.3 meters) square between the ropes, unless otherwise agreed to. mutual agreement by both camps, and approved by the local commission and by the supervisor of the CMB. The edges must extend a minimum of 24 inches (0.61) behind the strings ”.

That is, the ring must measure between 18 and 24 feet, and the exact figure must be negotiated and agreed upon by both fighters. Usually, in big fights, both teams make sure that is written down in the contract.

What does the OMB say?

The rules of the OMB, coincide in the dimensions of the ring with those of the CMB, although they establish in more detail the padding, and the table. But as for the size of the ring, it establishes the following.

“The rings used in world championship fights must not measure 18 feet (5,486 m) or more than 24 feet (7,315 m) on each side strung. And the floor of the ring must extend beyond the ropes not less than 18 inches (457.2 cm) ”.

What does the WBA say?

The AMB largely matches the rule with the other two bodies, as far as ring size.

“Rings used in world championship fights must measure no less than 18 feet (5,486 m) and no more than 24 feet (7,315m) in length on each side within the ropes. The floor of the ring must extend no further than the ring by 18 inches (45.72 cm) ”.

The body also contemplates the possibility that this rule about size could be altered.

“These general standards can be adjusted for a fight with the approval of the local commission and the referee.”

What does the Texas commission say?

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, which functions as the state athletic commission, is a little more lax in terms of the minimum ring size, under its rule 61.106.

“The rings must be square with sides not less than 16 feet or more than 24 feet inside the ropes, and the ground must extend at least 24 feet beyond the ropes on all sides.”

The regulations provide that there may be an exception to the rule if it is authorized by the executive director of the commission.

That is, three agencies establish that the size of the ring can range from 18 to 24 feet, while the Texas commission allows the minimum size to be up to 16 feet, and the maximum coincides with the other three agencies at 24 feet. .

From the outset, what the side of the Canelo and what the side of Saunders As for the size of the ring, it is legal. The exact size, however, must be negotiated and agreed between the two parties. Usually, that exact size is recorded in a contract. If it is not signed in the contract, then it has to be negotiated and agreed.

Saunders father reveals no size signed by contract

Tom saunders, father of Billy Joe SaundersHe revealed in an interview on Tuesday that the exact size of the ring was not signed in the contract.

“There is nothing in the contract about the size of the ring, and it all depended on negotiations,” he said. Tom saunders. “Canelo He put in an 18 foot ring, which is an amateur ring. We said no, and then he gave in to a 20-foot ring. “

But Billy Joe Saunders and his team are fixed on the idea of ​​it being a 22 or 24 foot ring. There is the dispute.

How does the size of the ring affect Canelo and Saunders?

Logically, a large ring favors fighters who move a lot and move constantly. For example, Anthony Joshua imposed a big ring in his rematch with Andy ruiz in Saudi Arabia in December 2019, taking into account that he intended to box and move.

The smaller rings favor the frontal fighters who will seek to hunt down the rival, corner him, cut off the exits. A smaller ring makes it easier to close the leaks to the rival. That role will be played by the Canelo against Saunders, so you might be interested in imposing a smaller ring size.

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