“They want to put me in a ring that looks like a telephone box against Canelo,” claims Billy Joe Saunders

Quiero una decisión justa, señala Billy Joe Saunders sobre su pelea con Canelo

Billy Joe Saunders He spoke of the dispute he has with Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez about the size of the ring, and threatening to cancel the fight.

Before the comings and goings by the size of the ring, Saunders made his claim and released some specifications of Alvarez to carry on the combat. The father of Billy joe, Tom saunders, revealed Tuesday morning that the fight has been called off due to not reaching an agreement on the size of the ring, although there is no official announcement of the cancellation.

“Today there is a small setback that everyone is trying to solve,” he said. Saunders in interview for talkSPORT, As for the doubts about her duel with him Canelo. “I left it to my management team MTK, who is here to solve it, to be honest, it’s a big setback. “

Saunders says they want to force him to fight in a very small ring.

“The problem is that I came here and they are trying to put me in a boxing ring that looks like a phone booth,” he claimed. Saunders. “(The stadium) is hundreds and hundreds of feet long and they want to put a 16 or 18 foot ring in the middle.”

Billy Joe Saunders’ preferences for the ring

Without hesitation, Billy Joe Saunders explained what would be the ideal measurements of the ring for the contest with Saul Alvarez.

“For me, that is simply unacceptable,” he opined. Saunders. “I want a 24-foot ring and they say it’s not going to happen. I left it to my team and I am sure they will solve it, otherwise there will be no fight ”.

He assures that he trained to fight in a big ring.

“You can’t just take me here, and just show me the ring we’re using,” he said. Saunders. “I’ve been training my entire camp in a 24-foot ring. It is a unification fight, not a British title. It’s like someone training on a 200-meter running track, and someone else has been training on a 400-meter running track. There is a big difference. We all know his fighting style. Anyone who knows boxing knows how this fight has gotten into my head. And he has his own fighting style and his plan, and I know his plan. His fight plan is not to wait, and to come on me. I want a place where I can move and start boxing.

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