Union La Calera vs. Vélez Sarsfield – Match Report – May 4, 2021

Union La Calera vs.  Vélez Sarsfield - Match Report - May 4, 2021

(EFE) – Vélez Sarsfield achieved the first three points of his participation in the 2021 version of the Copa Libertadores on Tuesday after beating Unión La Calera 2-0 in his visit to the Nicolás Chahuán Stadium, a result that keeps him alive in the race for qualification and sinks the locals to the bottom of Group G at the end of the third date.

Defining one side of the vertical after a center from the left of the steering wheel Pablo Galdames at 38 minutes of play, it was the right winger Agustín Bouzat who opened the scoring for “El Fortín”.

At 95 minutes into the game, winger Luca Orellano finished off the locals with a cross shot from the right of goalkeeper Alexis Martín Arias’ area, sealing the result.

Velez was not superior in the game but he was more effective. He scored in the first arrival he had and his intense and constant pressure on the departure of the premises complicated those led by Luca Marcogiuseppe during almost the entire first fraction.

The “cement producers” started well, setting the pace and taking advantage of the spaces with very active flyers in the offensive development, but the energy of the Argentine team prevented them from developing their proposal and they were erratic.

The clearest of the premises occurred 71 minutes into the engagement, when creative midfielder Jorge Valdivia left striker Andrés Vilches alone, who sent the ball over the horizontal.

Vélez withdrew in his own field during the last stage of the game and La Calera looked for a tie, but his efforts were diluted when at 85 minutes the team received the second red card, leaving nine.

With this result, the squad led by Mauricio Pellegrino was located in third position in Group G with three points, while Unión La Calera’s team closed the last day with one unit.

Vélez must travel to the Ecuadorian height on the fourth date to face Liga de Quito and Unión La Calera must move pieces to receive the powerful Flamengo with two important losses.

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