Will it be given? The MMA fighter who wants to knock out Michael Chandler in the UFC

Michael Chandler.

In these hours, a fighter of MMA liquidated Michael chandler (22-5 MMA, 1-0 UFC). The possible new Lightweight champion has a new suitor, who wants to knock him out and win the title, if he beats Charles Oliveira (30-8 MMA, 18-8 UFC) at UFC 262. Clearly it won’t be easy at all, but Henri Hooft trust that you will have a chance to remove his belt later.

Dreaming of the title Hooft He said, ‘Nobody expected that. The first fight was very special. Of course, he is very special to me because I was at Bellator for so long with him. First I was with Eddie Alvarez and we fought against Michael, and then I trained with Michael. We get the belt back. We lost him once due to injury and we got him back again, and then he went on a great streak. I think we were like training 10-2 together, so we had some nice moments. “

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«He has an explosive style. Everybody wants to see that. Fans want to see him fight because he tries hard. In the first fight with Dan Hooker, everyone thought at first, ‘Oh that’s going to be tough. He’s going to knee him. It’s tall, ‘this and that’. And I thought, that’s even better because you get the good opponent for your first fight. Most of the people thought that he was not going to get a victory because that guy is very, very tough, “he explained.

He’s looking forward to that fight

What’s more, Henri communicated: «And then what he did, that is Michael chandler. He goes in there and just exposes it. I am very happy to have had the opportunity. Of course, because for me I think it is the fourth or fifth time that we will fight for the belt, and after the welterweight belt, I would love to win a lightweight belt with Michael Chandler, especially with Michael Chandler.

“A really good guy, he’s really good at the gym, a good teammate, and he’s a good guy for the company. He speaks well, he is a true champion, a family man, but he has a very tough fight. He has all the experience, he fought some really tough guys and he beat Dan Hooker, and now we have Charles Oliveira, who is really respected. I really like his fighting style, he is very good everywhere », he closed Henri Hooft.

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