Barcelona SC vs. Boca Juniors – Game Report – May 4, 2021

Barcelona SC vs.  Boca Juniors - Game Report - May 4, 2021

(EFE) – A goal by Carlos Garcés at 62 minutes was enough for the Ecuadorian champion, Barcelona, ​​to defeat Boca Juniors 1-0 and take the leadership of Group C of the Copa Libertadores with 9 points out of 9 possible, a performance which leaves the Xeneize team relegated to second place, with 6.

Hours before, the Brazilian Santos added their first three units by beating The Strongest, who closes the classification with nothing.

Barcelona changed its game characteristics, of constant attack throughout the front, to work wisely in the development of the game. Boca opted for a conservative approach and was about to make a profit.

For half of the first half, the possession and precision in the touch of the ball was at the feet of the Argentines, who little by little approached the local goal of Argentine Javier Burrai.

In the approaches at the end of the first half, Boca dominated and pushed Barcelona back.

The local team came out in the second half with more ambition to reach the goal and their offense generated several occasions, the first with a shot from close range by Argentine midfielder Emmanuel Martínez, who finished off to the side of goalkeeper Agustín Rossi and in a providential way saved Leonardo Jara (m.53).

A center found the American-Argentine-Ecuadorian attacker Michael Hoyos well outlined, who headed accurately and saved Rossi in great action (m.60).

With three touches of the ball, Barcelona broke the defensive bolt, midfielder Nixon Molina transferred the ball, extended for defender Mario Pineida, who with a precise pass enabled the striker Garcés, who touched precise and defeated Rossi (m.62).

The impact led Miguel Ángel Russo’s men to advance their lines and Barcelona applied themselves in defense.

Russo ordered the entry of the attacker Carlos Tévez, Gomnzalo Maroni and Oscar Zevallos, with which Boca won in attack, to the point that Maroni launched the attack, escaped from the defenders and his crossed shot hit the vertical, saving himself from a goal sung by the Guayaquil team (m.81).

The last minutes Barcelona played with the hearts of their fans in hand, due to the pressure that Boca increased in their eagerness to reach the draw, so Barcelona took refuge even more in their area and even with desperation to finally celebrate a delicious victory.

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