Atlético Nacional vs. Argentinos Juniors – Match Report – May 6, 2021

Atlético Nacional vs.  Argentinos Juniors - Match Report - May 6, 2021

(EFE) – A double by Paraguayan Gabriel Ávalos allowed Argentinos Juniors to maintain the leadership of Group F on Thursday by beating Atlético Nacional by 0-2, which today was forced to play at home in Asunción due to the social crisis it is experiencing Colombia for the protests that began nine days ago.

The Buenos Aires team dominated the game from start to finish against a rival who looked disorderly and had many difficulties to break an organized defense.

The match started very fought in the middle of the field and very cut off by the fouls committed by the players of both teams, who sought to prevent the free movement of the ball.

However, the ‘Bicho de La Paternal’ began to impose itself on his rival driven by the centrals Jonathan Sandoval, Miguel Ángel Torren and Carlos Quintana, who extinguished the spark that the creatives Andrés Andrade and Jarlan Barrera were trying to ignite.

This is how Gabriel Milito’s team opened the scoring at minute 18 when side Kevin Mac Allister stole the ball from Andrade in the ‘Verdolaga’ field and passed it to Jonathan Gómez, who took a missed shot that was left to his teammate Ávalos in the area, where he got rid of a rival and took a very strong shot for the 0-1.

The visitors, highly organized and pressing hard on their rival, continued to dominate the game against an opponent who lacked depth and was on all fours to create danger in Lucas Chaves’ goal.

The only two approaches were in a one-on-one shot by striker Jefferson Duque, who saved the rival goalkeeper without major difficulties, and a fantasy play by Barrera, who was not comfortable to define.

In the complementary stage, the Costa Rican strategist Alexandre Guimaraes made no changes and his team had difficulty attacking an organized rival who appealed to damage from the sides and with deep balls for Ávalos and Gabriel Hauche, who weighed little in the game.

The situation became more difficult for the Colombians when Argentine central Emmanuel Olivera was sent off for a double warning, just when the team had managed to open up the opposing defense a bit.

The ‘Verdolagas’ ended up losing what little momentum they had left when Ávalos, after taking advantage of another rebound, sent the ball to the back of the net and buried the aspirations of the Colombians to equalize.

With this result, Argentinos remain the leader with nine points, followed by Atlético Nacional with four, Universidad Católica with three and Nacional de Montevideo with one.

On the next day, the ‘Bug’ will play against the Catholic University, while the ‘Verdolagas’ will receive the Uruguayan ‘Bolsa’.

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