Juan Martín Del Potro’s doctor, on the evolution of the Argentine

Juan Martín Del Potro's doctor, on the evolution of the Argentine

Six weeks after undergoing the fourth intervention on his right knee, Juan Martín Del Potro does not let up. The 32-year-old from Tandil is still a long way from ensuring his return, but he and his medical team see progress.

Del Potro began the second phase of rehabilitation. He removed the splint, no longer walks with the assistance of a crutch and little by little he will perform more demanding exercises to strengthen the knee. In Miami he works with Juan Pablo Pagano, a physiotherapist and osteopath who has dealt with several Argentine tennis players.

“Without a doubt that his is a recoverable injury. I have no doubt that Juan Martín is going to do his best to return. I am very confident that he will be able to achieve it. Clinically he has been progressing and evolving better than a normal patient. He comes training hard with the physiotherapist, he also does it alone in the gym, with good nutrition and discipline, “Jorge Chahla, the doctor who performed the intervention on the knee, told the newspaper. The nation which also confirms that during the last weekend, in Key Biscayne, Del Potro wielded the racket again for a while. He did it on a green clay court, with the splint in place, at times standing and even sitting on a chair.

A month and a half ago, Juan Martín del Potro announced that he begins the rehabilitation process after undergoing surgery in Chicago, United States, for the fourth time in less than three years of the right knee. He also underwent four wrist surgeries between 2010 and 2015.

“I want to tell you that in a little while I’m going to my first rehab session and from now on I’m going to put everything into him to be able to play again”, pointed out in March. They were not “easy weeks” for him, remembering that since his father died on January 11, everything “costs a lot.”

This is the fourth surgery on the Argentine’s right knee, since he suffered the injury in October 2018. The last had been on August 26, 2020. For tennis, the Tokyo Olympic Games begin on July 24 and , for Del Potro, they are the great incentive. And I would try to play them even if it is at 50%.

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