Koeman rules out that the match against Atlético de Madrid is decisive for winning the League

Koeman rules out that the match against Atlético de Madrid is decisive for winning the League

BARCELONA – Ronald Koeman remains firmly convinced that Barcelona will be champions “if we win the four games that we still have to play” but, at the same time, he considered this Friday the duel against Atlético de Madrid “will not be decisive. The result will be important, but not decisive to define the League. “

The Dutch coach, who confirmed that “I do feel that it is something personal” the expulsion he suffered because “saying what a character is not an insult, it is not a reason for two games to be sanctioned … So yes, there is something else”, He wanted not to enter to assess the arbitration that he expects this Saturday. “Better not to talk about the referees because in general the federation puts the best for these games … We hope he gets it right and that’s it, but we shouldn’t think any more. Hopefully his decisions and those of the VAR are fair for us and also for him. Athletic”.

“We have to be true to ourselves. The two teams have a different style and we must be good with the ball,” said Koeman, pointing out that Atlético “closes well, with everyone very close behind, and our game in the last part of the field must be very good to create opportunities and be effective. “

The Barça coach did not want to give much prominence to the return of Luis Suárez, and although he acknowledged that “it will be something strange for him and for the players of our team to have him in front of him,” he stressed that he should not be a decisive influence. “We are professionals and each one does the best for his team; we must not focus on a single player and think about how we can cancel the opponent’s game, how to press … Be vigilant.”

“In some games Atlético has gone to press higher and you have to be prepared, but each one looks for his quality, his way of being. We have to be faithful to our way of playing because Barça is always an attacking team and We will not change ”, warned Koeman, repeating that he waits for an opponent who when he does not have the ball“ defends with all the players very close together and without leaving spaces. That’s why speed with the ball is important. “

Rejecting that the elimination at the hands of Chelsea could negatively influence Real Madrid because “these are things that you have to accept and move on”, he again referred to Lionel Messi, repeating that for Barça “the best thing is to continue, of course” and admitting that he sees the Argentine very interested in the way the team plays.

“Since we spoke in the summer I have realized that he has his interest in the tactics of the team, in the positions, in how the opposition is pressed … He thinks about how a team can perform and win.”

He also realized that despite the moment of the course, he continues to raise the future “because each coach talks with people from the preseason club, about the signings, about the preparation of the next season … It is normal in all clubs” and he closed in band when he was asked about the food that the soccer players celebrated, with their companions, at Messi’s home and that has caused the opening of a sanctioning file by LaLiga: “This is not the time to talk about food of the players. The important thing for me is the game. “

Finally, regarding Ansu Fati’s operation, he acknowledged his annoyance but raised an optimistic scenario for the future. “I have spoken with him before the trip … He was speaking with the doctor yesterday afternoon. We have encouraged him because the poor boy has been around for a long time … There have been things that have not gone well because five or six months is a long time. Time and the most important thing is that he will recover and will be with us next season. Now the most important thing is that he will get well. He will be with us, too bad it will be next season. “

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