In the absence of perfection, forcefulness: Canelo Álvarez and a victory that adds credibility

A falta de perfección, contundencia: Canelo Álvarez y una victoria que suma credibilidad

The immersion created for the public for the holiday of May 5, with a patriotic atmosphere in Texas, to see Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez emerge victorious and unify three world titles plus the super middleweight lineal against Billy Joe Saunders, He made a small bump in the Mexican go unnoticed.

Alvarez, who is steadily advancing on his path to becoming the division’s first undisputed unified world champion, dominated the first four rounds but faltered slightly between the fifth and seventh rounds.

Saunders (30-1-0, 14 KO’s) offered his best boxing in the fifth round, circumnavigating the Mexican with precise jabs and feints to provoke poor aim in his rival. Above all, with his left hand hooked, using all the possible angles that a 22-foot ring allowed him.

A slow start in the sixth round almost cost him points. Alvarez (56-1-2, 38 KO’s), who landed a pair of painful power shots to the lower rib cage of the Hatfield, UK fighter to convince the judges.

Saunders briefly surprised Canelo in the seventh round with a stabbing jab under his right eye to cause a small bruise that at times emanated droplets of blood barely perceptible on television.

In that section of the fight, between the fifth and seventh rounds, the British beat the Mexican in total hitting 31 to 18.

Alvarez he had had too much of his rival and chose to finish it soon, collecting the affront suffered in the eye with his personal stamp.

A brutal uppercut from Canelo, successful counterattack with feet perfectly planted Alvarez and as much torque as possible, came in dry on the right cheekbone of Saunders. He entered at a time when the Englishman had missed a jab and carried his weight forward. The eye began to swell instantly. A blow that defined the combat and probably the rest of the career of Billy Joe Saunders.

To the 73,126 fans, mostly Mexican, who filled the building, Alvarez he harangued them over and over again raising his fists so they could see how he ended up destroying Saunders in the last minute of that assault. He landed body shots that could have broken walls. It quenched the public’s thirst to see structured destruction.

Saunders, a broken and dejected man

When the bell rang at the end of the eighth round, Saunders he had the body language of a dejected man.

His trainer Mark Tibbs checked the damaged eye by the upper of the Canelo. A zoom of the signal DAZN revealed the dramatically disfigured face of Saunders. Alvarez He just fractured the orbital bone of his right eye with that bomb to define the fight via corner arrest.

Canelo was consecrated as the British Assassin (British killer) with this victory, as recorded by a number of hashtags issued in Twitter after his victory over Saunders, who spent the night in a hospital in Arlington, Texas, when the facial fracture was confirmed.

With your victory, Canelo Alvarez he improved his record to seven and zero against fighters of English origin, creating his own storyline as a 007 special agent in the service of the empire.

The next challenge for Canelo

With three of the four super middleweight titles already in his possession, that of the OMB, AMB, CMB, and the linear belt of RING Magazine, The plan of Alvarez, who fought for the third time in the last 140 days, lends himself to the following challenge: Caleb Plant (21-0-0, 12 KO’s), champion of the FIB, next September 18. The only belt missing in the category.

The performic act of Demetrius Andrade, interrupting the subsequent press conference of Canelo In front of the accredited press to challenge the Mexican, it is nothing more than a promotional stunt to marinate a fight that will have to wait at least seven more months.

“When do we make it happen? You’re avoiding me by 160 pounds, Canelo“, the American champion snapped OMB middleweight, who is 30-0-0 with 18 KO’s.

Between laughter and some manufactured tension, Alvarez He replied sarcastically in English:

“You fight strangers, you are a horrible fighter. Go to the ching *** out of here a lot! “

Then Andrade and your dad, Paul, had to be removed by security personnel from the stadium, ending a brief interruption that ended up dressing one of Canelo’s best victories.

Canelo, in the absence of perfection, forcefulness

Despite not being a perfect display against Saunders, in victory the Canelo Alvarez produced one of its most impressive results according to CompuBox: he hit 53% of his power hits (58/110), 79.45% of his hits were power hits (60/73), 53.42% of his hits were hit on the body of the Saunders.

The Englishman, for his part, failed by implementing a philosophy of balance and economy: 50% of his hits (30) were power, he barely hit 21% of all his shots (60/284), he was only able to connect 26 % of your power hit over Canelo.

With the triumph before the largest public that the Libra Por Libra number 1 in the world has managed to summon, Canelo Alvarez With his victory, he confirmed his indisputable quality as the greatest attraction in boxing.

CompuBox figures for Canelo vs Saunders
CompuBox figures for Canelo vs Saunders

Canelo surpassed Ali’s mark

Only the greats surpass the greats, as it happened thanks to the commercial success that broke the record of more fans in a boxing match in the United States in an indoor stadium, to surpass the mark imposed by the rematch between Muhammad Ali Y Leon spinks, in 1978, that was 63,352.

Do they belong Plant Y Andrade to this category of great achievements in sweet science and commercial level?

No, they only pretend to be competitive against a generational fighter who at this moment looks unstoppable.

Historical facts of Canelo after his victory over Saunders

Agent 007: Unbeaten against seven British fighters

  1. Matthew Hatton UD 12 (2011)
  2. Arthur Rhodes TKO 12/12 (2011)
  3. Liam Smith TKO 9/12 (2016)
  4. Amir Khan KO 6/12 (2017)
  5. Rocky Fielding TKO 3/12 (2018)
  6. Callum Smith UD 12 (2020)
  7. Billy Joe Saunders RTD * (2021)

* Stop the corner, would equal TKO

More audience in a boxing match in the United States indoors

  1. Canelo vs Saunders 73, 126 (2021)
  2. Muhammad Ali vs Spinks II 63,352 (1978)
  3. Manny Pacquiao vs Clottey 51,000 (2010)

Mexicans with the most victories in world title fights

  1. Julio Cesar Chavez 31
  2. Ricardo Lopez 25
  3. Marco Barrera 21
  4. Erik Morales 19
  5. Fernando Montiel 18
  6. Saul Alvarez 16
  7. Miguel Canto 15
  8. Humberto Gonzalez 15
  9. Juan Manuel Marquez 15
  10. Daniel Zaragoza 14

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