“The fight with Plant is not as complicated as Saunders for Canelo”, considers Óscar Valdez

Óscar Valdez

Oscar Valdez reacted to the triumph of Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and highlighted that Billy Joe Saunders he was the fighter most likely to beat him at 168 pounds.

“The fight with (Caleb) Plant it is not as complicated as Saunders”, He said in an interview with Fighthype. “Somebody like Billy joe, from my opinion, it could complicate him more by his movements and strategy ”.

In order to Valdez, The words of Saunders They were one of his biggest enemies, since talking so much played against him and brought him many critics.

“I think that Saunders He was the one who had the best chance of beating him ”, said the Sonoran. “If he wants more competition he will have to gain weight, because here at 168 pounds he is dominant.”

However, he considered that the decision not to go out for the ninth round was the best that the English corner could take.

“He was talking a lot, but I found out that it was broken and safety will always come first, so I think they made the right decision,” he mentioned. “I wanted to see him fight still because I wanted to continue enjoying the Canelo, but hey, in the end he gave a very solid display ”.

Oscar He also recalled how it was at the time to fight with a broken jaw in the match he won against Scott quigg, in 2018.

Although in the end the cards favored him, he assured that not everyone can play that way with their health.

“In the end, security is paramount for everyone and we want to return to our families, I fight with a broken jaw, but that does not mean that everyone should do it,” he considered.

Finally, when asked what he had spoken to Canelo, he assured that Saul He emerged virtually unscathed from the fight and would continue on his way to achieving the ultimate goal of all four belts at 168 pounds.

“He said he was going to play golf and go back to training in the gym,” he said. “It is simply his way of being, he is someone who prepares very well.”

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