Athletic Junior vs. River Plate – Game Report – May 12, 2021

Athletic Junior vs.  River Plate - Game Report - May 12, 2021

(EFE) – River Plate achieved a 1-1 draw against Junior in the 90th minute in a tense match in Barranquilla on the fourth day of Group D of the Copa Libertadores, which had riots outside the Romelio Martínez stadium as a backdrop.

The tear gas fired by the authorities in the adjacent streets reached the field and forced the game to stop for two minutes.

When Junior thought he had secured the victory with a goal from Miguel Borja in the 19th minute, the tie came when Fabricio Angileri sent a cross from a corner kick that Chilean defender Paulo Díaz sent to the back of the net after anticipating his rival .

River Plate is second in the group with six points and was two behind the leader Fluminense, who simultaneously beat Santa Fe 2-1, which is last with two units. Junior stalled in third place with three units.

Before starting the game, and after a special police operation for both teams to arrive at the stadium, the warm-up was marked by noise, gases and smoke that reached the sports stage, where Junior played his home games provisionally. .

Gallardo asked that they put on music to relax the atmosphere. They are listening to regaeton and warming up. There is no problem, “said Barranquilla Mayor Jaime Pumarejo.

The game started and the Colombians quickly went looking for a goal that would allow them to stay alive and dream of qualifying for the round of 16.

They got it at minute 19 in a counterattack led by winger Jhon Pajoy, who enabled a fierce Miguel Borja who beat central Robert Rojas by force and sent the ball to the back of the net with a shot that Franco Armani saw pass underneath from her body.

The match continued but the Uruguayan referee Esteban Ostojich had to stop it on the 23rd, and for several minutes, after the players were affected by the tear gas thrown outside the stadium.

The referee stopped the game for a few moments while the players of both teams, as well as the members of the coaching staff recovered from the shock caused by the gases thrown by the Police to dissolve the demonstration, called outside the stadium in rejection of the realization. of the party.

After the incident, the Uruguayan referee resumed the match won by the Barranquilla team, while the riots continued for a while outside the stadium.

The mobilizations took Colombia two weeks ago, initially to protest against the already withdrawn tax reform presented by the Government of President Iván Duque, but the dissatisfied citizenry continues to cling to the streets as a reinvindictive act with requests such as that police abuses stop.

The match resumed and the Colombians maintained their dominance against a rival who saved several of their figures for the match that will have to be played on Sunday against Boca Juniors in the quarterfinals of the Professional League Cup.

In the second half, the Argentines sent the creative Jorge Carrascal and Agustín Palavecino to the field to take control of the game.

Likewise, before the first quarter of an hour was completed, the attackers Rafael Santos Borré and Matías Suárez entered, a pair with which Gallardo wanted his team to arrive more frequently at the goal of Uruguayan Sebastián Viera, who intervened little until that moment. .

However, the Buenos Aires club was not clear in attack and, despite playing almost the entire second half in the field of the team led by Amaranto Perea, had many difficulties to equalize, although the goal came at minute 90.

On the next day, the Barranquilleros will visit Fluminense on Tuesday while the Millionaire ‘will receive the Bogota citizens on Wednesday at the Monumental Stadium in Buenos Aires.

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