Atlético Madrid vs. Real Sociedad – Match Report – May 12, 2021

Atlético Madrid vs.  Real Sociedad - Match Report - May 12, 2021

MADRID (EFE) – Unattainable and resistant in the leadership in the last 21 days, Atlético de Madrid already leads the League, winner against Real Sociedad (2-1) with half an hour unstoppable, with a recognizable appearance of favorite in one hour and with ten minutes of suffering, locked in his field and still pending six points to be the winner of the tournament.

In 28 minutes he built his victory against the fifth classified in the League, the first out of the four competing for the title. After Atlético; from Real Madrid, to which the rojiblanco team transferred the pressure because they play this Thursday in Granada; from Barcelona, ​​which is four points away; and Sevilla, which he maintains six, the same ones that remain for the end of the championship.

An acceleration of Atlético, which only complicated a game that he had won, that could have thrashed, more than an hour – later not – to Real Sociedad, that when he found out about the way in which to oppose his rival he already lost by two goals, but that was still redone to terrorize the rojiblanco block with 2-1 in the final stretch.

Nothing suggested such a suffering of the leader. Strengthened by the Camp Nou, relaunched with the way in which it has endured the stalking of its rivals and has dodged the fall from the top, to the edge of the precipice twice, survived by two external results, the last days have revitalized it. His slump apparently belongs to the past. His League is already a question of six points.

Until Barcelona, ​​it was a long time since an Atlético had been seen with such determination, as voracious as his match began this Wednesday against Real Sociedad, so determined to pressure, to play in the opposite field, so energetic; in short, so devoted to the perspective that best suits his game, that best promotes his football, that gives him more strength and that he gives off more ambition.

In those records, it is a fearsome bunch. These are the features that made it an irrefutable team in the first round, when it really became a creditor of this League. It is not his yet, but at that level, in that deployment, with the staging that he proposed from the first second, capable of stringing together three times in less than ten minutes, devouring each ball, monopolizing each sector of the field, as If every moment were the last, it is close to being.

There, the Real held up as best it could. His resistance lasted the same as Atlético’s ineffectiveness in the auction. First, Luis Suárez chose the wrong way to finish Marcos Llorente’s gift; then Llorente preferred the shot, saved by Remiro, when the best was the pass to the Uruguayan striker, who launched a direct free kick in between.

That is why Atlético did not score before, which, as soon as it also found the forcefulness of past months, was a team suddenly unattainable for a disfigured Royal Society, because it transformed on the scoreboard everything it had shown on the field: at a quarter of an hour , Carrasco scored the 1-0. Deserved and predictable.

Also worrisome for the whole of Donostia, unrecognizable in all that section. And overwhelmed. Likewise, the goal against is in Real’s defensive duty, because Marcos Llorente’s pass was predictable, because nobody got to clear it and because Carrasco had time to control it regularly and put his foot in to score.

Although Real, so unknown at the beginning, made a flank in its defense, Atlético hit again instantly: Luis Suárez received the ball between the lines, endured the fight with Oyarzabal and promoted the 2-0 with the pass between the defense that put Correa diagonally against Álex Remiro, resolved with a precision that invalidated any opposition. 2-0. Minute 28.

A half-hour game, magnificent from the vision of Marcos Llorente, unstoppable for the Blue and White team; outstanding in the whole group, at the level of a team that wants the League, but perhaps also unbearable for Atlético. And for inadmissible for Real, who reacted, but who found that the leader also has a dazzling goalkeeper: Jan Oblak.

Both were proposed by Alexander Isak. The first, with a volley, which the Slovenian goalkeeper caught like a wall; the second, with a frenetic individual action that between the goalkeeper and the post solved a corner kick. Two warnings, even in the first half, that the game had not ended as soon as it seemed.

Isak did not appear in the resumption, predictably due to injury, because he had put Atlético in enough trouble to be the best of the first half of Real Sociedad, as to be the hope of the San Sebastian team, if there was one, because the second time outlined several times to the premises to 3-0, also to Luis Suárez, frustrated before the repetition of missed occasions.

It did not hit. And suffered. When Real Sociedad first sensed the goal, Jan Oblak interposed, such as Portu, back in the 66th minute, in a shot with a bounce included, or the post, as also happened to him, until Zubeldia, in the minute 83, achieved what seemed impossible before, 2-1, which put him in the game and put the leader at risk, who only breathed with the end. He has two finals left: Osasuna and Valladolid. Six points to be a champion.

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