Centennial: the stadium with the most Copa Libertadores finals

Centennial: the stadium with the most Copa Libertadores finals

There were 20 finals that were played at the Centenario Stadium, which had the last one in 2011 when Peñarol and Santos tied in the first leg 0-0. The Historic Centenario Stadium received 10 Peñarol finals and six Nacional finals in the most important tournament in America and hosted definitions without Uruguayan teams on four more occasions.

Now, after CONMEBOL’s announcement of having the final of the 2021 edition in Montevideo, the mythical stadium will add a new definition of Libertadores to its rich history.

The champion clubs in the Centenario were Nacional (80 and 88), Estudiantes de la Plata (in 1970), Independiente (in 1973), Boca Juniors (in 1977) and Flamengo after winning two to zero against Cobreloa (1981).

Curiously, Peñarol could not lift any of the five Libertadores Cups won in the Centennial. In 60 Peñarol was champion in Asunción de Paraguay, in 61 he was champion in Sao Paulo, in 66 he raised the cup in Chile, the same in 82 and 87.

The Centennial is the stadium with the most finals, but not the stadium where the most cups were raised. The National Stadium of Santiago is ahead of the Centennial the stadium where more Libertadores trophies were awarded. Buenos Aires, the city where he delivered the most, counting Bombonera, Monumental, Avellaneda, La Plata and the New Gasometer. Brazil is the country that delivered the most Libertadores trophies, adding up all the cities and all the stadiums. Also in the Centennial the first Intercontinental Cup in history was played between Real Madrid and Peñarol, and the third and final final of the 1967 Intercontinental Cup between Argentine Racing and Celtic.

El Centenario had the first Libertadores champion from the penalty spot, in 1977 when Boca beat Cruzeiro.

The 20 finals played at the Centennial

1960- Peñarol 1- Olimpia 0
1961- Peñarol 1- Palmeiras 0
1962- Peñarol 1- Santos 2
1964- National 0- Independent 0
1965- Peñarol 3- Independent 1
1966- Peñarol 2- River 0
1967- National 0- Racing 0
1968- Students 2- Palmeiras 0
1969- National 0- Students 1
1970- Peñarol 0- Students 0
1971- National 1- Students 0
1973- Independent 2- Colo Colo 1 (Tiebreaker)
1977- Boca 0 (5) – Cruzeiro 0 (4) (Tiebreaker)
1980- National 1- International 0
1981- Flamengo 2- Cobreloa 0 (Tiebreaker)
1982- Peñarol 0- Cobreloa 0
1983- Peñarol 1- Guild 1
1987- Peñarol 2- America de Cali 1
1988- National 3- Newell’s Old Boys 0
2011- Peñarol 0- Santos 0

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