Lautaro Martínez, the Argentine soccer player who resolved anger with a coach in a “boxing match”

Lautaro Martínez, el futbolista argentino que resolvió enfado con entrenador en pelea de boxeo

The Argentine footballer Lautaro Martinez got angry with Antonio Conte, his coach at Inter Milan. After the anger at the match, the two resolved their differences in a boxing match.

Inter, current champion of the A series of Italy, triumphed over the Rome by three goals against one. Despite the Scudetto harvested, not everything was merrymaking in the capital of Lombardy.

Martinez, star of the Neroazzurro team, entered 35 minutes into the first half, due to the Chilean’s injury Alexis Sanchez. Although it had an acceptable performance, Conte He decided to replace him 41 minutes later, at 32 in the second stage.

Full of fever, the forward slid an angry look at his technical director. On the way to the substitute bench, he kicked a bottle and made a few gestures. The two parties insulted each other, until some alternates acted as intermediaries and avoided major setbacks.

In football, it is said that problems should stay on the field and not reach the locker room. It was the case, since both sealed their relationship with a hug in the morning training this Thursday.

Lautaro Martínez and Antonio Conte had their boxing duel

Given the multiple comments from the Italian press, Lautaro Martinez Y Antonio Conte It didn’t take long for them to put on their show with a well-toned boxing match.

During practice this morning, the protagonists of the heated discussion put on boxing gloves and closed scars. Everything happened in the training field and between the elastic bands of an improvised ring armed with studs.

Given the expected absence of Michael Buffer, it was the belgian Romelu lukaku who was in charge of presenting the stellar contest. Screams, applause and even the classic battle cry: “Let’s get ready to rumble?”

After some open-handed impacts, the hug for the photo arrived. Martinez He apologized for the outburst and invited a barbecue for the entire squad.

It turns out that the bull He did not live up to the nickname he shares with Luis Angel Firpo, father of Argentine boxing. Much to envy Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, for example, although not in the monetary plane …

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