RB Leipzig vs. Borussia Dortmund – Match Report – May 13, 2021

RB Leipzig vs.  Borussia Dortmund - Match Report - May 13, 2021

BERLIN (EFE) – Borussia Dortmund won the German Cup on Thursday by beating RB Leipzig 1-4 with two goals from Jadon Sancho and another two from Erling Haaland, in a match that was practically defined in the first half.

Dortmund went ahead very early, in minute 5, through Jadon Sancho. The play began with a recovery of the ball by Marco Reus that won a duel from Kevin Kampl. Reus played with Erling Haaland, éte teamed up with Mahmoud Dahoud, who opened the ball to the left for Sancho, who, with three Leipzig men in front, unleashed a cross shot to the second post between them.

Leipzig then had more possession, but were slow to get arrivals. And Dortmund, when it arrived, was lethal. The second goal came in the 28th, scored by Haaland, and again from a loss of ball by Leipzig in the middle of the field.

Reus put the ball to Haaland, who had a duel in the area with Upamecano, who took the worst part and ended up on the floor while the Norwegian defined with his left leg.

Leipzig, despite having more the ball and having it in the Dortmund half, had not arrived until that moment other than with a shot over the top from outside the area by Marcel Sabitzer in minute 4.

Then came a phase in which the pressure increased a bit and Alexander Sörloth, in the 39th minute, had a good chance, a pass from Dani Olmo, which ended with a shot against the outside net.

However, amid pressure from Leipzig, Dortmund’s third came in a counterattack. It all started with a duel between Haaland and Upamecano in the Dortmund field, near the center line. Haaland won, despite receiving a foul, and the ball was left to Reus who had a free way to the area where he played with Sancho who defined an empty goal.

Initially, the linesman signaled an offside, but then the VAR reversed the decision, seeing that it had not existed and validated Dortmund’s third goal.

The result with which the teams went into halftime was brutal for Leipzig, who had had 60 percent possession. Dortmund had finished only four times on goal and three shots had ended at the net.

Leipzig returned from the break in plan to gamble the remains. A few seconds away, Christopher Nkunku had a good chance to pass from Dani Olmo with a shot that touched the crossbar.

In the first five minutes of the second half, Leipzig finished a total of four times on goal and Dortmund concentrated primarily on defending themselves.

Although in the 66th minute the fourth goal was close and Thorgan Hazard narrowly missed it as he shot wide to the center of Reus, the pressure from Leipzig continued.

In the 71st a shot from Emile Forsberg hit the post and in the 72nd, at last, Dani Olmo achieved the discount with a shot from outside the area.

What followed was a permanent offensive attrition from Leipzig with Dortmund looking for counter-attack possibilities. On both sides there were possibilities and the game would have been different if Leipzig had achieved the second.

However, in 88 came the sentence, in a counterattack led by Sancho from the right. Haaland ran across the field at full speed and received the ball on the edge of the area from where he finished with a left-footed shot.

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