Juan Román Riquelme, after Boca's victory in the Superclásico: "We have the best squad in the country"

Juan Román Riquelme spoke with ESPN F10, after the victory on penalties of Boca Juniors in view of River plate in the quarterfinals of the League Cup.

Here are the best phrases from Román on the ESPN screen:

“Whenever a classic is played, it is won, it is always good. I think we deserved to win the game on the field. We face a team that has clear things, that has a great coach.”

“It is the 3rd classic that we have to play with them since we are here and it is difficult for us to liquidate the games. The rival also plays and ends up drawing us with a center, which is a virtue of the side that they have. Our goalkeeper did not have it. job”.

“The classic is won first. It is the first heads up with them and we win.”

“We have the best squad in the country, we are the two-time Argentine soccer champion. That shows that we did something better than the rivals.” “We know we have things to improve. We are very grateful to the players and the coaching staff.”

“COVID-19 caught many important players such as Cardona, Campuzano, Zambrano. Three boys were found in the middle of the court who are playing better and better, we won five games in a row and it seems that everything was fixed. But a little while ago we were like them. This pandemic is impossible. “

“(Laughter) The thing about Cardona is … I have a thought: the one who errs kicks it. They are geniuses playing soccer, that when what they think comes out we want to hug them and put them on the bedside table. Then, the penalty today … if he had put it in, we would say that what he did is wonderful, like when Zidane did it in the final of the world. And when they stop you, it was kind of similar to what happened with Agüero a little bit ago. One second. After missing it, he would grab his head. Thank goodness we won … if they hadn’t caught it with him. “