Marcelo Gallardo and the lack of Tevez to Maidana: "It is a very serious error that the referees do not see"

Marcelo gallardo He was “proud” with the performance of River plate despite being eliminated on penalties in the Superclásico against Boca Juniors in the quarterfinals of the League Cup.

In addition, the Millionaire’s coach assured that it was “a very serious error” of the referees not to have noticed the lack of Carlos Tevez to Jonatan Maidana in the play of the 1-0 and considered that the most important thing is that his infected footballers recover from the better way and not think about how the team will put together in the next CONMEBOL Libertadores match, on Wednesday against Independiente Santa Fe.

Next, the best phrases of the Doll in his talk with Gustavo Yarroch in ESPN F10:

“We had to come and play on the Boca court against an always difficult opponent and the truth is that River has to feel very proud.”

“Beyond the inconveniences and adversities that usually exist in football and even in life with cases of COVID in many of the boys, I have nothing but words of gratitude because they have represented us very well“.

“What did we miss? We came trying to be present and make a decent game according to our ways. Beyond losing on penalties, in the second half there was no difference. I even think we had control of the ball and Boca just counterattacked. “

“Doing an analysis is very difficult after what we have experienced in recent days.”

It is a very serious error that the referees do not see, but it was a clear lack of Tevez towards Maidana“.

The debut of Alan Leonardo Díaz: “It is very exciting for him, for his family, for his loved ones who have seen him in such a particular situation as debuting in River in a Superclásico. He answered in a very good way“.

“We were only thinking about how to face this game and now we will see what will happen to the games that remain.”

In these 24 hours I tried to put the puzzle together and nothing else“.

“We are in a pandemic and CONMEBOL gave us the possibility of adding 50 players. We don’t have that many professionals and it didn’t make much sense to add them. I said that it could touch us at some point and it will touch us right now in the last 10 days of competition of the semester “.

What remains for us is that the boys who have suffered this virus recover well, may they return well. And that’s the most important”.

Who cares how I’m going to put it together? The most important thing is that the boys recover well“.

“There is already too much talk and I just want them to be well. Until now there has been no problem. It is nothing serious and that is good. I send a big hug to everyone. May they recover soon because we will need them.”