The fall of Pantera Nery and how time proved Eddy Reynoso right

La caída de Pantera Nery y cómo el tiempo le dio la razón a Eddy Reynoso

Luis “Pantera” Nery fell knocked out against Brandon figueroa last Saturday, losing his world title belt and also losing undefeated, just in the first fight he had already done without Eddy reynoso as a coach.

Either it is a huge coincidence, or it is that actually leaving the best coach of the moment had an effect on the defeat.

Last February, Nery announced that he was leaving the gym from Eddy reynoso and that he would meet his old coach Ismael Ramirez. The reason for the change of coach, according to Nery, the thing is Eddy reynoso I wanted to make him throw fewer punches. Panther I believed that with him, Eddy reynoso I wanted to do the same as you do with Canelo.

“I’m not saying it’s a bad style, but it just doesn’t work for me,” he said. Nery at the time in an interview for Fine Boxing. “My thing is to throw punches, and if you want to make me throw less punches, at the time of the fight I will not look the same. I didn’t like how I looked, that’s why I left there ”.

And indeed, against Brandon figueroa, Luis Nery threw many blows. According CompuBoxBy the time the fight was over in the seventh round, both fighters had thrown more than 600 punches each. They were on their way to hitting the magic 1,000 hits in 12 rounds.

However, Nery Panther he seemed to have come to the arena with that one strategy: throwing lots of punches. That’s what he explained as an argument for his break up with Reynoso, and that’s exactly what he did on the ring. He went out to stand, and throw little machines like a rope doll all round, up, down, left, right, whatever.

At times, he began to move about the ring, wanting to box Figueroa and give a second dimension to your boxing. But he invariably ended up staying again for the short exchange, and returning to the monotonous dynamic of throwing punches that was the tonic for much of the fight.

There were no adjustments, there was no reaction, and there was no plan B. There was absolute confidence that the punch of Nery Panther I would end up doing the job. But the punch wasn’t there, despite the massive amount of punches he was throwing.

By the third round, both fighters threw punches slowly, heavily, without travel, without torque, without extension. They were short strokes, many of them scored. Their hands weighed as if they were fighting in round 11 or 12, and not round 3.

And that heaviness of hands, that slowness, may be a consequence of the pitiful physical condition in which both, but above all Nery, they presented to the weigh-in. Both severely dehydrated, disfigured, in a cadaverous state. Nery he marked the boundary of the division and immediately asked for liquids. That pitiful physical condition can be a symptom, in turn, of a bad last-minute plan to get to weight. That, the great Achilles heel in the race of Nery.

The fall of Nery Panther It is the result of a chain of erratic and erratic decisions that have deprived the fighter of being the star he promised to be.

And from that chain of mistakes, which led him to defeat with Brandon figueroa, probably the most important is having left the gym in Eddy reynoso.

Reynoso he is the fashion coach, yes, but he is also the best coach of the moment. And it is, because on the corner, Eddy reynoso knows how to rescue the fighter from adversity. He can read the fight, and make adjustments.

When to Ryan Garcia threw it away Luke campbell, Eddy reynoso He knew how to rescue him, adjust his fight, and end up knocking him out. With Andy ruiz, Eddy knew how to discipline him, put him to train with passion, and above all, bring him back from adversity when Chris arreola he sent him to the canvas, to get up and win the fight with clarity. The same with the Canelo, Then when Billy Joe Saunders He was having the best rounds of the fight, he knew how to read the fight and adjust in the corner so that the Mexican ended the fight with forcefulness over the Englishman.

That coach and that place is where he left Nery Panther to go back to the usual place. And he was again the Nery The one who fights with the weight, the one who throws a lot of punches to see which one he knocks out with. And if that is not enough, then it does not shine.

Against Brandon figueroa, Nery Panther He had no strategy, no plan, and no variants. And those are precisely the main strengths of Eddy reynoso as a coach.

In the saddest way for Nery Panther, time ended up giving the reason, again, to Eddy Reynoso.

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