Alberto Fernández said that Argentina is willing to be the only host country of the Copa América

Alberto Fernández said that Argentina is willing to be the only host country of the Copa América

The Argentine president, Alberto Fernández, affirmed this Tuesday that, in the event that Colombia cannot host the Copa América football match due to the social protests that country is experiencing, Argentina can consider hosting the tournament as the sole venue, as long as it is guaranteed in advance. compliance with health measures against COVID-19.

“If they comply with all the protocols, we are willing to see the possibility of organizing it alone”, said the president in statements to Radio 10.

The Copa América, which was to be played in 2020, was postponed to this year and is scheduled to be played from June 13 to July 10 in Colombia and Argentina.

But the protests that Colombia has been experiencing for more than two weeks, which have so far left more than 40 dead in a context of police repression and vandalism, threaten the celebration of the tournament, as many also cry out, even in the streets, for that Colombia desist from organizing it.

Although the Colombian government has insisted that, despite everything, the country will host the Cup, in recent weeks the debate on possible alternatives has been implemented, including that Argentina organize it alone.

“If Conmebol can take over, I am willing to study it, but I need to guarantee the protocols, because one of the most serious problems we have is the strains that come from other countries,” Fernández said on Tuesday.

Argentina is currently experiencing its second wave of the coronavirus, with a record of infections and daily deaths, and on Monday it was known that River Plate confirmed another five positive cases in the team, which are added to the ten already reported on Saturday, so only one dozens of players are available for this Wednesday’s confrontation with Independiente Santa Fe in the Copa Libertadores.

“What happened in River these days shows what can objectively happen,” warned Fernández.

“In a campus that travels together in a bus and there is one infected, the possibility of it infecting everyone is very great. We have to try to guarantee protocols that make this America’s Cup possible, that we speak frankly, it is an America’s Cup for the TV “, sentenced.

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