El Loco Abreu spoke about the penalty that Cardona stung against River

El Loco Abreu spoke about the penalty that Cardona stung against River

Crazy Sebastian Abreu commented on Tuesday the penalty that stung Edwin cardona and that goalkeeper Alan Leonardo Díaz saved in the Superclásico penalty shootout between River Y Mouth last Sunday for the Quarterfinals of the Professional League Cup. In ‘100% Deporte’ (Radio Sport 890), the Uruguayan forward supported the decision made by the Colombian and assured that he even thought about sending him a message to offer him his support.

Abreu first pointed out the important context where this execution took place, highlighting that it was about penalty kicks in a Superclásico played in La Bombonera and that they defined a classification for the semifinals: “It is the framework in which one interprets that the goalkeeper analyzes other things when you are playing something other than the game itself, because of everything that generates a game like this and that Boca cut an adverse streak. That for one thing. Then there is the goalkeeper’s virtue of having that reaction “.

The Uruguayan stated: “It is a decision-making before a resource that is allowed, that is within the rules and that it may be a virtue of the goalkeeper to guess the idea but from there to it takes other repercussions to miss a penalty like that … I do not see that an apology is apologized for kick hard and get her out of the stadium, don’t even criticize herself so much “.

Abreu said he disagreed with the criticism of Cardona and with the fact that the Colombian had to apologize: “The essence of the game cannot be lost. If you have footballers who have a different class, let’s not take it away. You missed a penalty, you assume the responsibility that you missed it, but were you convinced? Yes? Perfect. Now if at some point an exception happens and someone says ‘I wanted to sing it’, well, there yes. But if you are convinced that this particular execution is the one indicated to deceive the goalkeeper and score the goal, it is what has to leave you alone ”.

The striker disagreed that Cardona was irresponsible: “Irresponsibility goes the other way. I take it as a decision making that did not end up generating the desired result ”.

What does generate you to sting a penalty and that the goalkeeper stops you is a different feeling, and this I say from my own experience. Kicking a strong penalty, down or placing it and stopping it is not the same but for this reason, because you already know that there is something established with certain situations and when you miss it, you say ‘uh, the one that comes to me’ “, said the Fool.

“Why can’t you do that if you were convinced? Do we say it’s wrong if someone kicked hard and misses it? ”Asked the Uruguayan who analyzed Cardona’s shot, to whom he considered writing a message of support.

Abreu said that if Cardona had given more flight and strength to the execution, he would not have given goalkeeper Díaz time to recover: “There is also the agility of the goalkeeper, there are things that can be analyzed and that I learned in 2004 in Tecos how to see what type of archers you have. Many times the young archer has impetus and vigor, the big archer is different and already begins to walk with his feet to the place where he is going to shoot and many times he does not fly, overturn and try to stretch his arms.

“In this case, what played against Cardona by stinging her so softly was that with the vigor of a young goalkeeper, he falls, ‘springs’ quickly and hits him to save the ball. Clearly it is very choppy, soft and that softness gives the goalkeeper the possibility. But even Boca ended up winning, because if not, Cardona would have had a worse time ”, considered the Uruguayan in relation to the questions towards the Colombian.

The former striker of the Uruguayan National Team, and current attacker from South America, said that he considered sending a message to the Colombian but then discarded that idea: “Right now Cardona must be overwhelmed. When I saw his statements apologizing, I did think of sending him a message saying ‘no teacher, you don’t have to apologize for anything, you made that decision, it didn’t come out like no other and that’s it. The five that doesn’t give him the correct pass is unapologetic. If you have class, keep it up because the different ones are the ones that people enjoy ‘. I thought of writing him a message but then I considered that they are shooting him from all sides ”.

Abreu recalled that who he did send a message of support to was a Treze Futebol Clube footballer. For the first round of the 2012 Brazil Cup, Botafogo had to define the classification with that team from the state of Paraíba by penalties and the midfielder Leo Rocha punched it in the fifth shot of his team, the goalkeeper Jefferon saved the shot and Botafogo qualified for the next instance.

“They terminated his contract, they put banners around his house and other nonsense, and I did call that kid because he didn’t have to go through all that because of a decision that our goalkeeper Jefferson guessed, I called him to support him, I sent him a shirt and told him that you also get advice from a lawyer because no contract says that if you hit a penalty and miss it, you can be rescinded unilaterally, “recalled the Uruguayan.

“I have had to do it and miss it, but always understanding that it was the form of execution in which I could convert”, recalled the forward that playing for Tecos de México stung a penalty and goalkeeper Cristante guessed his intention in 2004:

“I experienced criticism firsthand, even from colleagues. We were fighting relegation, but why is taking a penalty while fighting relegation interpreted as irresponsible? Because we have it installed, because we assume it as something that is like that, and it is not like that. Fighting the descent, losing home, in the hour, I analyzed at that moment what the goalkeeper could be thinking. I thought he thought he was going to secure it but I got a goalkeeper with a lot of experience who does not throw himself but turns over and stopped me. I received the clubs but did not apologize. I was convinced and ready ”, said Abreu.

Finally, the Uruguayan footballer referred to the call for his son Diego to participate in the sparring team of the Mexican National Team in the coming weeks: “First I think about it as a footballer and then as a father, the experience that he is going to win is impressive. Afterwards, happy because Mexico continues to consider him and sees him with good eyes with a projection to the future. That gives you great joy and he is happy to have this experience at the age of 17; on May 22 he will travel to Mexico and on the 24th they will be in Dallas “.

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