Martín Lasarte revealed that he experienced a “worrying health problem”

Martín Lasarte revealed that he experienced a "worrying health problem"

Martín Lasarte has already been working for a long time towards the resumption of the South American Qualifiers for the Qatar World Cup 2022, where in command of the Chilean National Team he will face Argentina on June 3 in Santiago del Estero and Bolivia on June 8 in San Carlos de Apoquindo.

And the Uruguayan coach of the Red took advantage of these days to grant an extensive interview to the FIFA official website, where he confessed to having experienced health problems.

“A few months ago I had to experience a worrying health issue, which luckily was reversed, and today I see things from another place. I do what I like and work what I want, “acknowledged the Uruguayan coach.

Regarding the objective of classifying the Chilean team for the World Cup, “Machete” said: “More than an obsession, I feel it as an obligation, although one does that with pleasure. I do what I like and work from what I want. I am in a country where I feel like one more, and I have the same goal as everyone. I will put work, dedication, will and a little talent, along with my greatest dedication and willpower. Time will tell if it was enough. “

In addition, he added that he will seek to “store information and transmit it to him in a clear and concrete way: instead of 15 complex concepts, I prefer that they be five simple ones, based on what has already been done, and well, to work from there when we get together.”

Finally, Lasarte acknowledged that “the short time of work is a reality, but the mentality of the Chilean soccer player, I would say of Chilean soccer in general, changed positively. It was a qualitative and real change, which perhaps those of us who come from abroad noticed more, or who once competed against Chile in the past. We must maintain that leadership. Chilean football earned it and it is not the time to lose it. “

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