Rodolfo D’Onofrio: “We are going to comply with the regulations because the sanctions would be severe”

Rodolfo D'Onofrio: "We are going to comply with the regulations because the sanctions would be severe"

The president of River, Rodolfo D’Onofrio, confirmed that the team will appear to play tomorrow’s match for the Copa Libertadores against Independiente Santa Fe, from Colombia, although he stated that “the logical thing would be for it to be suspended” due to the 20 cases of coronavirus that were registered in the “Millionaire” campus, plus another five in club personnel.

“Tomorrow we are going to compete, but the logical thing is not to play. We are going to comply with the regulations because the penalties would be severe. We never thought about not playing, “said D’Onofrio, in tune with the official statement published at midnight by the Núñez club.

The River Plate holder added that they have not yet received a response from Conmebol for the request to add goalkeeper Alan Leonardo Díaz for having the four registered in the good faith list of the Libertadores infected.

“If we have to put a player in the goal, it will be like that,” he remarked in statements to radio Miter and, at the same time, added: “it is ridiculous, but it is not necessary to expose oneself to sanctions.”

On this, D’Onofrio hinted that the player who could go to goal would be defender Milton Casco.

Regarding the footballers who were infected, the president “millionaire” reported that the state of health “is good” but expressed concern about the consequences left by the disease as happened with the goalkeeper Ezequiel Centurión (currently on loan) who suffered an arrhythmia.

“Nothing failed here, when you play in a pandemic, no matter how much you do everything, there may be massive infections and no one rules out that more appear,” lamented D’Onofrio, who also alerted the teams that the weekend they will move to San Juan for the semifinals of the Professional League Cup.

“I am concerned that four schools will have to go to San Juan, I would tell them to take extreme precautions. As River was left out, I will not comment further,” he completed.

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