FOOTBALL 90: Pato Fillol and advice to Enzo Pérez to take care of River Plate's goal against Santa Fe in CONMEBOL Libertadores

River Plate will have a difficult stop tonight at the Monumental for CONMEBOL Libertadores, since with a large part of its staff infected by an outbreak of Covid-19 that occurred in the team, it will not be able to count on any goalkeeper and Enzo Pérez, with a muscle injury, you will have to put on the goalkeeper diver. On FOOTBALL 90, with Sebastian Vignolo and great team, Ubaldo Matildo Fillol referred to this peculiar situation that the cast of Marcelo gallardo.

El Pato was consulted on who should occupy the vacant place before the loss of Franco Armani, Enrique Bologna, Germán Lux and Franco Petroli and stressed that if Gallardo trusts the midfielder, it is because he sees him better on a day-to-day basis.

In addition, the ex-goalkeeper of the Millionaire marked special advice for whoever occupies the place under the three sticks, among which he highlighted that if it is the turn of the midfielder, “he must stand at the height of the penalty spot, more than anything because he has a good game with the feet being a field player “.

For its part, Oscar Ruggeri He put himself in the shoes of a member who is not used to taking care of the three clubs and, in a humorous tone, gave a little lesson on how an archer should come out, generating a total laugh in the studio.