Tyson Fury calls Wilder a reptile; “Ready to crack his skull again”


Tyson fury denounced Deontay Wilder, and said he was prepared to beat him for the second time, when he heard of the trilogy.

Annoyed at the postponement of his plans with Anthony Joshua, Fury you already think about your duel with Wilder and send aggressive virtual messages.

A mediator agreed with Deontay Wilder in a long dispute process. Wilder and his team ensure that Tyson fury has the contractual obligation to fight for the third time with him.

It was through his Instagram stories, where Fury made fun of Wilder, listing all the complaints and excuses that Deontay has poured since its defeat in February 2020.

“There are no excuses… .but: The costume was too heavy. Gloves Fury they were loaded. He had weak legs. My water was adulterated. Gloves Fury they had no filler. I had bicep surgery, ”began the Gypsy king, through their stories of Instagram.

“I was a zombie. My coach was disloyal. Complications in the camp. I had an autopsy. I broke my arm. The fight stopped too soon. The fault was Andre dirrell. The referee did a shitty job. Snakes in the grass ”, continued the Briton.

“Dent on my head. A weight inside the glove (from Fury). Fury it was covered in oil. Ricky hatton he lowered his glove. I hurt my biceps. I broke my hand. The fist of Fury it was not well placed in the glove. Fury got doped. Fury He made me voodoo, ”concluded the heavyweight champion of the World Boxing Council.

In turn, the English boxer posted another image, in which he captures an iguana and titled the photo: “There it is Deontay, the reptile ”.

These messages were sent by Tyson Fury to Deontay Wilder

Tyson Fury was forced by Wilder into a trilogy

Deontay Wilder declined to receive money to step aside, so he will go to the lengths to get his trilogy with Tyson fury.

The organization’s efforts to run Wilder they did not bear fruit. Everything indicates that Fury you should delay your crossing with Anthony Joshua, to fulfill the third contest.

Malik Scott, new coach of the Bronze Bomber, explained the position of his team with a post through his account Instagram.

Wilder declined and had no interest in putting money aside and everyone is dealing with a different kind of hole here. He wants the blood, not that money on the side. The retribution is upon us ”, rose Scott to your favorite social network.

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