River Plate vs. Independiente Santa Fe – Party Report – May 19, 2021

River Plate vs.  Independiente Santa Fe - Party Report - May 19, 2021

(EFE) – River Plate, which suffered a major outbreak of coronavirus and presented a team without substitutes and with an improvised goalkeeper, achieved a heroic 2-1 victory against Independiente Santa Fe to become the only leader of Group D of the Cup Liberators of America. Instead, the Colombian team was thus out of the tournament.

The goals of Fabrizio Angileri and Julián Álvarez before the first ten minutes of the game gave Marcelo Gallardo’s team a historic victory at home against a fierce rival who discounted through Kelvin Osorio but who, after this fall, was even eliminated from the possibility of accessing the Copa Sudamericana.

The condition of heroic in the millionaire triumph was rooted in the 20 casualties due to coronavirus suffered by the River Plate team added to a team of just 11 players with the injured Enzo Pérez in the goal after the contagion of the four archers and the refusal of Conmebol to enable him a substitute.

River, who had just been eliminated against Boca Juniors in the quarterfinals of the Professional League Cup, achieved an epic triumph that also leaves him very close to qualifying for the round of 16 of this tournament.

The other side of this victory was Independiente Santa Fe, who suffered five positive cases for covid-19 before his trip to Buenos Aires, for a very painful elimination from this continental contest.

The beginning of this meeting was with a River with all the lights, first with a wasted option in hand-to-hand by Agustín Fontana that Leandro Castellanos covered at minute two of the game.

However, two minutes later Fontana himself was in front of goalkeeper Castellanos who deflected the shot but Fabrizio Angileri rebounded from the crescent with a furious shot to open the score.

The surprise did not diminish because two minutes later a rainy pass from Angileri left Julián Álvarez with perfect control to define with a strong shot to the upper right corner that left Castellanos without reaction.

After that one-two at the start, River fell back on his goal defended by the improvised and injured Pérez, while Independiente Santa Fe with possession of the ball was without answers to be able to discount.

Without reaction, in the second stage the coach moved the bench to take advantage of the lack of rotation of his rival who left without reservations to play the match.

It was precisely the entered Kelvin Osorio who changed the rhythm to an Independiente Santa Fe cancino, who in the 72nd minute reached the discount with an overflow from Jhon Arias and a center back for the arrival of Osorio to push the ball into the net.

There was no rebellion to try the tie and not even ideas to go against a goal without a regular goalkeeper.

River intelligently withdrew and achieved this historic triumph that in addition to giving him three vital points left him leader in Group D of this 2021 edition of the Copa Libertadores.

On the last day, River Plate will host Fluminense, while Independiente Santa Fe will play against Junior in the Ecuadorian city of Ambato.

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