Luis Suárez and Lucas Torreira join the list of Uruguayan champions with Atlético de Madrid

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Luis Suárez and Lucas Torreira join the list of Uruguayan champions with Atlético de Madrid

Luis Suarez Y Lucas torreira have joined this Saturday to the list of Uruguayan champions with the Atlético de Madrid to win the Spanish League 2020-21. For his part, the defender Josema Gimenez and the teacher Óscar Ortega added a new title with the Colchonero to their record.

In a tough and difficult season, Atleti has managed to conquer its eleventh league, once again cutting the Real Madrid-Barcelona pairing, which they had been winning in the last six editions (four for Barça and two for Merengue).

The last time that the Colchonero had been consecrated league champion was in 2013/2014, where he also cut a streak of league titles for the two most powerful clubs in Spain (in this case, nine seasons that began immediately after the Valencia title. in 2003/2004). As seven years ago, Atleti had in this edition an important participation of Uruguayans, mainly Luis Suárez, their star signing for this season.

In the 2013/2014 League, the Uruguayan soccer players who were champions with the Colchonero were Diego Godín, Josema Giménez and Cristian ‘Cebolla’ Rodríguez, besides the teacher Ortega. The physical trainer has worked with Simeone since 2006 at Racing de Avellaneda, having arrived together at Atleti in January 2012.

For the physical trainer it is the eighth title in the Colchonero, adding to the 2013/14 and 2020/21 leagues a Copa del Rey (2013), a Spanish Super Cup (2014), two Europa League and two European Super Cups (each one of these two competitions won in 2012 and 2018).

This 2020/21 League is the first title won by Simeone and Prof Ortega at the club after Godín left Inter in mid-2019. The Uruguayan defender won seven tournaments with the Colchonero, being fundamental in the 2013/14 League where with his header goal at the Camp Nou he scored 1 to 1 against Barcelona which meant that the rojiblanco was once again consecrated as the best team in Spain after almost 20 years.

In this century, the ‘Onion ‘Rodriguez won three titles with the Colchonero (Copa del Rey 2012-13, Liga 2013-14, Spanish Super Cup 2014), Diego Forlán two (European League 2009-10 and European Super Cup 2010), and Leandro Cabrera he became the 2009-10 UEFA champion.

Furthermore, in the 2001-02 season the forwards Diego Alonso and Fernando Correa They were fundamental for the Colchonero to become champion of the Second Division and return to the privileged circle of Spanish football. The ‘Petete’ Correa had also been part of the squad that won the 1995-96 League and the King’s Cup of the same year.

In October 1985, Jorge Orosman Da Silva he became champion with Atleti of the Spanish Super Cup by beating Barcelona in the finals with an aggregate of 3 to 2. The ‘Polilla’, who had arrived at the Madrid team just a few months ago, was even able to score the final 3 to 1 of the first leg played in Madrid that became irremovable for the Catalans.

Going back to what the League obtained this Saturday against Valladolid means, for the three Uruguayan footballers who became champions it implies obtaining a title after a long and hard season for various aspects for each one.

Josema Giménez, who had different physical problems throughout the year, could once again shout champion in La Liga with Atleti, something that no other Uruguayan had achieved and reaches his fifth cup with the Colchonero, since there are two leagues to add the 2014 Spanish Super Cup, the 2017-18 Europa League and the 2018 Spanish Super Cup.

The defender has played 21 games in the League and totaled 26 in the season, his lowest record of games played since the 2013/14 season, where in his first year as a Colchonero he played only three games in the First Division having joined with only 18 years since Danube. In the 2019/20 season he had played 27 games.

In order to Torreira It marks the third title in his professional career after winning the FA Cup and the Community Shield with Arsenal in 2020. The midfielder came on loan to Atleti this season in search of greater continuity and he has not achieved it (he played 19 league games, starting in three games and in only one opportunity he completed the 90 ‘); In addition, this year the steering wheel has also suffered the death of his mother.

Beyond the obstacles and difficulties to make a place in the starting XI of Simeone, Torreira always highlighted the transparency of the coaching staff in the decisions made and the great internal relationship in the Atleti squad, which he has described as ‘a family’.

In the case of Luis Suarez, this title is a vindication of his worth as a forward after the tough exit from Barcelona in August last year. The 34-year-old forward scored 21 goals playing 32 league games, quickly becoming the benchmark for his new team’s attack, which he has fueled with goals and his competitive voracity.

For the Salta attacker, this League is the twenty-first title in his career, where he has raised three Cups with Nacional, two with Ajax, one League Cup with Liverpool, and thirteen with Barcelona. Who also became champion of the Copa América with the Uruguayan National Team in 2011, reached his fifth Spanish league, after having won it with Barça in the 2014-15, 2015-16, 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons.

All three have had coronavirus this season, all three have overcome the challenges that the sports year has placed on them and above all they have known how to suffer, a verb that most football fans use to describe the history of their teams and comment on their days in the basketball court; However, Few players and teams in the world have the amazing resilience that is the pride of Uruguayan footballers and the history of Atlético de Madrid.

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