Indisputable! Josh Taylor won a very good fight against José Ramírez and is the new super lightweight universal champion

¡Indiscutible! Josh Taylor ganó una muy buena pelea a José Ramírez y es nuevo campeón universal súper ligero

Josh taylor became undisputed super lightweight champion by defeating Jose Ramirez by unanimous decision but with cards closed Saturday night in Las Vegas.

It was a very good fight, worthy of what was expected to face two champions with two belts in the category each, and fighting to be the only champion in the category.

Taylor managed to knock down on two occasions Ramirez, one in the sixth and one in the seventh round. They were falls that were key in the three official cards that registered identical scores, with a close 114-112 in favor of Taylor.

The Mexican American came out with a strategy of hitting the body of Taylor to reduce mobility and liveliness. The Scotsman responded by trying to keep Ramirez, with the extension of his long strokes.

Ramirez the fight started strong, and surpassed the Scot in hitting effectiveness. He seemed to dominate the fight, in a tactical and strategic duel.

Taylor took advantage of the mistakes of Ramirez and there the fight was decided. The sixth round takedown came thanks to a work of art by Taylor.

Ramirez pulled a slow left hand, Taylor I was waiting for it. He took off the blow and responded with a left-handed crusader that sent the Mexican American to the canvas.

The second fall came thanks to a blow from Josh taylor. Probably the best shot from the Scotsman in the whole fight. A left hand upper surprised Ramirez when they were released from a lashing, and he found his chin dry to send it back to the canvas.

There were a few seconds left on the clock, and Ramirez managed to survive thanks to the bell.

Jose Ramirezfiercely and honorably, he tried to make up lost ground and attack Josh taylor. However, the Scotsman’s technical prowess prevailed in the close of the fight. Taylor he took advantage of the precision and force of his hitting to land important blows. And so he managed to contain Ramirez.

In the end, Josh taylor he ended up taking all four world title belts in the super lightweight division. He thus addressed one of the most important questions of 2021 in the boxing landscape: who is the best super lightweight in the world?

Now, important things come to Josh taylor, who automatically presents himself as a great candidate to go up to welterweight and face the best 147 in the world.

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