The alternative story for people with visual disabilities was presented at a press conference

With Germán Sosa, who will be the rapporteur, and with the adapted soccer star, Silvio Velo, as a luxury advisor who has this initiative, Espn offered a press conference to present the novelty that he will launch in the next Champions League final. : Secondary Audio Programming * (SAP) to provide an alternative story to the original television broadcast, more descriptive so that visually impaired people with their families and friends can follow and enjoy it even more sporting event and that all cable operators on the continent will have at their disposal.

With several journalists from different Latin American countries gathered in a virtual way and coordinated by Walter Nápoli, Espn press, Silvio Vello opened the fire stating that: “it is a joy to be able to be talking about inclusion, about this second story so important for people with disabilities There is also something important to highlight, on the 29th, the day of the match, I am turning 50 years old. “

And then he opened the round of consultations. The colleague Miguel Guitiérrez from Red Gol de Chile wants to know how this initiative came about and how each one got to it.

SV: “I was summoned to advise and share what I think can help a blind person to follow a football game. The idea is to add images so that we do not miss details, beyond what one is used to imagining and setting oneself, adding data to us allows a better experience of the game “.

GS: The company’s initiative to generate inclusion in football broadcasts. They decided to start with the Champions League final, and the company thought of me, along the path that I have traveled on the radio, which usually has more dynamics, rhythm and emotion than that of television, usually. Everything that is inclusion always matters to me and everything that is adding images to the story as well, with which the proposal closed me on all sides … So now from a button on the remote you can have this alternative audio with a very descriptive story, which let us be the eyes of those who cannot see. A beautiful responsibility. “

Agustín Jamele, from the newspaper Perfil: Was there any different preparation?

GS: The first thing we did was to consult Silvio and a group of blind people nucleated ASAC (Association for Aid to the Blind) and APANOVI (Association Pro Aid to the Blind) what they needed to improve the experience of being in front of a screen where they broadcast a football match and based on their suggestions, add to our ideas to try to bring the match as detailed as possible.

Hugo Caro from Colombia wanted to know how they plan to achieve closeness with the blind who decide to try this experience

GS: “Basically with a lot of empathy, thinking mostly of people who cannot see and allowing emotions to push. It is going to be a match between the English, who always deliver shows and emotions, and I think that will help us …

SV: “German stood in front of the TV and covered his eyes and surely that brought him closer to the needs that those of us who do not see when it comes to feeling a soccer game have. I think the answer may be there.”

Sebastián Amaya, from Uruguay, He asked in which game situations do you think they need more details.

SV: “I am not a common public, I am a footballer and there are things that I do not need to hear, because I already know them and as I always say, football is not seen, it is felt. Starting from that, I think the most important thing is the details, where it goes the play, left, right A change of front, from where and to where, A player stops it, but how, with the instep, chest, stopped it with the sole … How is a strong foul? It hit, it gives samples of pain? And we have the misfortune that with this world scourge, the fact that there are no people reduces emotion. But when it is, describe the colors of the stands, the flags … To become the eyes of the fan.

Asked about what it means from a professional perspective, Germán was blunt: “A very particular challenge, one of the most important of my career. There are nerves, as in the debut. This is a very exciting step. And it is a privilege and a tremendous level of demand and excellence to have Silvio reviewing the steps we take. It’s a fantastic opportunity, I’m walking, I can think of something to stop and write it down. It’s a tremendous motivation. “

Silvina He wanted to know if they think that this type of story could be extended to other sports. And the responses were overwhelming.

GS: “This was born with football, but I think it will go much further. Surely it is the company that has to give that answer, but I think it is here to stay.”

SV: “We are in the first step, we started with soccer, which is the world’s one sport. But we have to replicate it as much as we can because there are people who enjoy other sports. It is the first step, but this is inclusion that is always necessary. enlarge”.

In closing, both protagonists thanked the presence at the conference that took place on a holiday in Argentina.

SV: “Thank you for taking an interest in this proposal and we are eager to see that story, to see the game through Germán’s eyes, and don’t be anxious …”, joked the crack.

GS: “Also thank you for sharing and hopefully everything goes as planned. Hopefully this is a great first step for those who cannot see to see, even a little bit. “


On Saturday 29 May, the decisive match of the UEFA Champions League, the most important football tournament in Europe, between the English teams of Chelsea and Manchester City, the auxiliary audio channel will feature the stories of Germán Sosa and the comments of Jorge Baravalle to give life to this experience.

This initiative, which will be repeated in other competitions, was developed in conjunction with associations that promote the integration of people with visual disabilities such as ASAC (Association for Aid to the Blind) and APANOVI (Association for Help for the Blind) and prominent personalities of the community as Silvio Velo, captain of Los Murcielagos, the renowned Argentine soccer team for the blind.

Sharing their life experience, their passion for sport and their commitment to greater accessibility in the audiovisual media and the world of sport, this committed team worked together with ESPN to optimize the descriptive account of our speakers and equip them with the necessary tools to May the first broadcast on Saturday May 29 be unforgettable.

“This initiative is part of our commitment to offer inclusive and accessible content that can be enjoyed by the greatest number of people and families, without distinction. I want to highlight and especially thank the entities and people who helped us carry it out, advising us and training our work teams; we are learning a lot from them. It is our intention to continue offering these stories, with increasing frequency, in the important sporting events that ESPN broadcasts on its screens, ”said Belén Urbaneja, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Brand Management and Diversity and Inclusion, The Walt Disney Company Latin America.

The descriptive story is an audio that seeks to share with the audience more details about the players, a correct statement of the surnames, number and color of the jerseys, gestures, emotions and provides a portrait of the stadium, the playing field, the location of the play (from and where it is directed), the way in which a foul was committed, how goals are celebrated and many other narrative elements whose objective aims to achieve a better contextualization and experience for all people and in particular those with visual disability.

Saturday, May 29 on ESPN, from 15:30 ARG / URU 14:30 BOL / CHI / PAR / VEN 13:30 COL / ECU / PER, Chelsea vs. Manchester City will go for the glory of the UEFA Champions League, with #RelatoAlternativo for the visually impaired in secondary SAP audio programming *

Everyone is invited to enjoy and feel this new experience like never before!

* Audiodescriptive narration service subject to cable operator technology (if in doubt, contact your cable operator for more information).