Defense and Justice vs. Independiente del Valle – Party Report – May 27, 2021

Defense and Justice vs.  Independiente del Valle - Party Report - May 27, 2021

The one-goal tie between the Argentine Defense and Justice, already classified, and the Ecuadorian Independiente del Valle, already eliminated, for the sixth and last day of Group A of the Copa Libertadores, was the context for the first game in the history of the tournament with a referee team made up only of women.

Brazilian Edina Alves was the main referee, accompanied by compatriot Neuza Back and Chilean Cindy Nahuelcoy as assistants and also Chilean María Belén Carvajal as fourth referee.

In addition, the Argentine Sabrina Lois was the referee consultant while the Brazilian Ana Paula de Oliveira the video consultant.

In the meeting, Joffre Escobar opened the score for the Ecuadorian visit, while Braian Romero established the definitive equality with the distribution of points.

After this group A, the Brazilian Palmeiras finished leader with 15 points, Defense and Justice was second with nine units, both with their respective places secured in the round of 16.

The Ecuadorians from Independiente del Valle finished third with five units and qualified for the knockout stages of the Copa Sudamericana, while Universitario de Peru finished last with four points and eliminated.

The meeting marked the urgency with which the Ecuadorian visit arrived with a result so as not to run out of international competition in the second semester, while the local Defense and Justice was already classified but could not aspire to the first place of Palmeiras.

An accurate header from Joffre Escobar allowed those led by Renato Manuel Alves Paiva to surprise the locals and take the lead in the 11th minute of play.

Those led by Sebastián Beccacece reacted and reached the equalizer in the 36th minute through a cross shot from their striker Braian Romero, which left goalkeeper Wellington Ramírez with no chances.

In the second half, both teams followed in the search for the goal, but Independiente del Valle was always more vigorous to the point that in minute 77 it had a penalty in favor for a foul on Jhon Jairo Sánchez by Matías Rodríguez.

However, Christian ‘Titi’ Ortíz executed the maximum penalty diverted and sentenced the tie in the score that left Defense and Justice second and the Ecuadorian visit of Independiente del Valle with his passport to the round of 16 of the South American Cup.

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