Faced with refusal by the Senate, Pacquiao will put his money to create boxing commission in the Philippines

Ante negativa del Senado, Pacquiao pondrá de su dinero para crear comisión de boxeo en Filipinas

The senator Manny pacquiao offered to put up his own money to support his proposal to create a Boxing and Combat Sports Commission from the Philippines, after failing to convince the senator Pia Cayetano to spend 150 million Philippine pesos, about 3 million dollars, for its establishment.

“If it passes and DBM gives you a budget of P100,000, I will even give my own money, as much as I can, to help establish the Philippine Boxing and Combat Sports Commission“, He said Pacquiao in the plenary session of the Philippine Senate on Wednesday. “I am going to spend my money. I will establish offices in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao for our Philippine Boxing Commission”.

Before this, Cayetano repeatedly questioned the initiative of Manny pacquiao and the need to provide resources to a separate commission that focused on boxers when the Board of Games and Amusements (GAB).

“It’s a duplicity,” he said Cayetano. “It is irresponsible for us to fund another agency when we cannot even say that this other agency (GAB) did not do its job well,” he said.

But Pacquiao He insisted that the mandate and functions of the proposed commission would be different from what the GAB is already performing.

“GAB is just a regulator and oversees licensing. But the function of the commission that I proposed in this measure is to ensure and help the well-being of athletes until their retirement, ”he added.

In the end when Manny pacquiao offered to fund the commission with her own money, the senator Cayetano it also gave in its resistance.

“Setting up a new office is an unnecessary expense right now,” he told her. Cayetano to Pacquiao. “But I would like to honor your desire to help the athletes of that sport that you love so much, by supporting its private funding. I will make sure that the people in the room contribute. Finally, I will support the management of a commission with private funds ”.

Pacquiao and the senator Pia Cayetano they had a tense exchange in recent days. This, in the face of the refusal of the senator, who refused to approve the fighter’s initiative.

Pacquiao offered of his own money.

Pacquiao and his next fight

Pac-Man will get back in the ring and will do it to face Errol spence next August 21.

Pacquiao had his last confrontation against Keith thurman, on July 20, 2019, when the boxing legend emerged victorious.

Spence, 31, came back victorious last December by defeating Danny ‘Swift’ Garcia by decision in the house of Dallas cowboys on Arlington, Texas.

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