Thebes and the Super League: “What was tried to do was very serious, it was a coup against European football”

Thebes and the Super League: "What was tried to do was very serious, it was a coup against European football"

The president of La Liga, Javier Tebas, charged hard at the CAP (Club Consulting Platform) meeting against the Superliga, its founding partners and the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino; and declared that “they think we are stupid.”

Tebas was blunt in his intervention and expressed his total disagreement against the closed competition project proposed by twelve clubs and led by Florentino Pérez: “What they tried to do was very serious. It was a coup against European football in the head against UEFA and against European competitions “.

“The president of LaLiga will absolutely respect any type of decision that is made. It does not matter the nationality of the clubs, what must be judged are the facts,” he added.

In the same way, Tebas affirmed that football is not going to ruin and that it does not need rescuers. He referred to the presidents Florentino Pérez (Real Madrid), Joan Laporta (Barcelona) and Andrea Agnelli (Juventus) as “shipwrecked” in a “ship that is adrift”: “We are not going to ruin. Modernizing ourselves does not mean changing the competition, that is to sink us and bring us to ruin, is to transfer the money to the big clubs “.

“For them (clubs that still remain in the Super League), modernity is their farmhouse,” he said.

On the role played by FIFA, and Infantino as its president, Tebas expressed his total dissatisfaction with the work carried out by the international body and said: “FIFA is a highly respected organization, but when these institutions are run in the wrong way, there are They have to denounce that their president and his team are not doing well. “

“If his loyalty is with the football institutions and with UEFA, he should have called President Ceferin and the affected leagues as soon as they raised the closed competition project and not keep it a secret,” he said.

“Do not deceive us with the language. Consulting is not worth us, if you want to make a new world calendar you will have to have an agreement with the leagues and confederations,” he commented in reference to Infantino.

The president of the league reflected on whether the end of the Super League had already come: “For me it has not ended. It is not a competition format, it is an ideological concept that began twenty years ago with the G14. It is a dream of some clubs and more specifically Florentino Pérez. The concept is still alive “.

“If it was so good for football, why have they done it in hiding? Let us defend with behemence, strength and eloquence that they do not empty the patrimony of the fans, the clubs and the national leagues,” he formulated.

The head of the Spanish domestic competition wanted to thank UEFA and the Premier League for their attitude towards the creation of the project led by the president of Real Madrid: “I want to thank the Premier and Richard Masters. The movement was led there to stop the Superliga project. Thanks to UEFA for maintaining a firm stance and not giving in at any time. “

The CAP meeting, organized by European Leagues, an association that represents 37 professional leagues on the continent, brought together representatives of different clubs and organizations to discuss current affairs in European football.

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