Why is it so difficult to recognize Russell Westbrook’s talent?

Why is it so difficult to recognize Russell Westbrook's talent?

Beyond the triple doubles, we are facing a special player who put a prematurely discarded Washington Wizards to the playoffs

The Washington wizards They finished the season with a losing record (34-38) with an extremely difficult start to the campaign, achieving only 3 victories in the first 15 games, however they had several good streaks in the season that earned them to find a place in the Play-in .

Since the 2017-18 season when they lost in the first round to Toronto raptors, the Wizards weren’t playing in the postseason.

But the time has come and it is largely due to another historic season of Russell westbrook, a special player in his fourth season averaging a triple-double in points, rebounds and assists.

Unfortunately, the Long Beach, California, native point guard carries a label that he is not an effective player, not a winner and not a good teammate.

Perhaps those who have this opinion are based on the previous 12 seasons where he has not been able to get a championship. The closest he got was that 2012 final against the Miami Heat where he averaged 27 points, 6.6 assists and 6.4 rebounds per game, averages anyone wishes they had.

But going back to Washington and its difficult season with injuries, small Covid-19 outbreaks and losses, Westbrook, Bradley Beal and the whole team came out ahead. According to ESPN’s BPI, the Wizards on April 6 had a 0.6% chance of making the playoffs. Today they are the 8th seed and will face the Philadelphia 76ers.

The chemistry between Westbrook and Beal has grown over the days. Credit also to Scott Brooks. Washington in the playoffs is a reality and much of the reason is the talent of the point guard on the field. Athletic and fierce.

The arrival of the MVP of the 2017 season and the Wizards making the playoffs is no coincidence. Westbrook is a fierce competitor.

Nevertheless, he is not a perfect player. He had and has many opportunities for improvement, but it is petty to underestimate him and not recognize that we are facing one of the best players of the last two decades. Accepting and admiring his talent is a must for every fan of the sport, and we expect no less than what we already know of him in the first round against the 76ers.

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